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Why Stonesoup compost maker blocks are superior to other composting solutions in the market?

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By Rini Varghese

Why is it better than other solutions in the market?

  • Absolutely no foul smell. A biodegradable waste which is generating foul smell when introduced into the composting medium loose the foul smell immediately
  • It has naturally occuring aerobic composting microbes that converts your organic waste into high value compost in just 23- 30 days.
  • No leachate during the process
  • No flies when the moisture is maintained at an optimum level. Even if the maggots are generated it becomes inactive and dies in a few days.
  • Frequent turning of the material not required thereby reducing the inconvenience associated with turning.
  • A consortium of naturally occurring aerobic composting microbes breaks down all the complex bio molecules. It acts effectively on both vegetarian and non- vegetarian food.
  • Compost provides a rich growing medium, or a porous, absorbent material that holds moisture and soluble minerals, providing the support and nutrients in which plants can flourish.
  • When mixed with soil it can boost the level of organic matter and the overall fertility of the soil.
  • Composting can destroy pathogens or unwanted seeds. 
  • Using Compost as a growing medium reduces water requirement to one- fourth the normal recommended dosage thereby effectively saving 75% of water consumption
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