Composting As A Service


In situ composting,
Managed By Experts

Composting in situ, is the right thing to do, but requires capital investment and know-how. Even volunteers who have mastered home-composting, find managing large-scale composting a different ball game altogether.

Presenting Community Composting Service by Stonesoup.


No outright purchase of composters, no hidden costs, no electricity needed.

Monthly charge includes cost of labour, consumables and composter maintenance. It is beginning from 300 per apartment

Proven Experts Team

Our composting solutions have been deployed in 100+ locations in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata. It is currently installed in apartments like Purva Vantage, Sobha Quartz, Springfields, Mantri Classic etc. We have on-field experience in large-scale composting for 3+ years.


Our green technicians will visit daily, add waste into the composters, add additives and ensure cleanliness of the composting area. They will regularly check for issues, maintain the composting equipment and collect data. The dashboard will be periodically shared with the residents' committee. As needed, they will harvest good quality compost that can be made available to the residents. We will be happy to take regular gardening/growing workshops for the residents.

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