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Become an eco warrior

Volunteer with us by becoming an eco warrior who will promote sustainable living for one of the following campaigns
  1. Period Love - Bleed Green - Change mindsets about period and promote sustainable menstruation.
  2. Green the Red - promote sustainable menstruation.
  3. Swachagraha - Promote compost - grow-cook
  4. Natural Cleaners
  5. Say no to plastic bags
  6. Zero waste parties

Please send an email to

Become an eco entrepreneur

Sign up for the Saathi program. You would be running the above mentioned campaigns and also earning an income by doing paid waste audits and consulting services or selling our or partners eco products. After the learning from evangalists, transformation happens when people take action. Buy a composter or a cup. Saathis are the critical piece of the chain who make these products available. If you would like to be one, send us an email. 

Please send an email to