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Who We Are?

We are your typical middle class working women who discovered the connection between our waste and the ailments that were troubling our children. Given our experience in corporate sector, we analysed the issues and started work on reducing our and our communities waste impact. Before we knew, we were part of the nationwide Garbage Sisterhood. At some point, we felt we have to step up from being an eco warrior to an eco entrepreneur to create products and solutions that can help people who want to make change. And was born.


Our Mission

We want to be the global leaders in green choices

Our Merit

All our products are proudly Made In India

Our Promise

We provide easy hassle free, convenient solutions to everyone who wishes to go green

Our Impact

We have diverted 12 million pads from the landfill, 10 tonnes of wet waste is composted in our composters daily, there are 5 million less plastic bags in the world because of our cloth bags.

Our Team



Alumni of IIM Kolkata and Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi, she has global IT work experience spanning 25 countries and 17 years. She has also held the CMO, CSO and CSR head roles in IT and BPO companies. She is part of SWMRT, 2bin1bag campaign and Bangalore Eco Team



A techie turned neighbourhood activist turned social entrepreneur with 16 yrs of experience (GE Healthcare, NICC). Part of - 2bin1bag, Plastic Ban movement, Green The Red and a founding member of Bengaluru Eco Team (BeT)t



Dentist turned green warrior. Passionate about waste management, sustainable menstruation, cloth diapering, composting and organic terrace gardening. Organization and setting processes comes naturally to her. Bhavna spearheads Aaditi Ltd of Stonesoup looking after Community Composting business.



A criminal Lawyer turned environmentalist, working on solid waste management issues for 7 years. She has been instrumental in getting waste segregation and plastic ban implemented in Bellandur alongwith the team. Rupal spearheads Rekke personal care Ltd of looking after period and personal care business.



A Chartered Accountant with an experience of 13 + years in different organizations across Big 4, Retail and Education industries. Composting champion and zero-waste proponent.


Why the name STONESOUP?

Stonesoup got its name from the old parable found in multiple cultures across the globe. A group of hungry travellers reach a village and as was the custom, went around asking for food. Unfortunately, the villagers didn't have any meals - one house they found only cauliflower at another few beans in the a climber in front yard. In fact one house had only salt left! The travellers built a camp on the side of the little stream and built a fire. They picked few stones from the stream and added that and water to their largest pot and put it to boil. Few villagers saw them and asked them what they were doing. They were told Stonesoup was being cooked and they are welcome to share it! Soon the whole village was around the pot.
After a little while, traveller's leader tasted the soup and said it was tasty but missing a cauliflower. Someone ran to their house and got one. After few minutes, another tasting and beans were found lacking. Someone brought beans, and then third one carrots, fourth one herbs, fifth one salt and so on.. The villagers and travellers were sitting around the fire and by now their camaraderie was to be seen. Soon the soup was ready and both villagers and travellers had a hearty meal.
We feel an echo with this story. When we ask people to live sustainably, they feel they want to but can't. We as a company want to give people choices that allow them to contribute, how ever little it feels. And we are sure, together we would have created our sustainable world together