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To buy or not to buy a menstrual cup

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By Rini Varghese

Are you facing this dilemma too? When you start browsing the internet, all you can see are menstrual cups advertisement everywhere. There are big cups, small cups, colored cups, stem cups and non stemmed cups. Some ask you to measure your cervix, some ask you figure out the size of the vagina as if you didn't have anything else in the world to worry about. You look out for bloggers on you -tube . And what all hear are stories ranging from women founding new found freedom after switching to cups and others sharing their horror stories. Whom should you believe in?

You shut down the laptop and want to ask a friend who uses a cup. Only to realize that no one in your immediate circle is using the cup. Well, you realize they all want to but are equally skeptical as you are with million questions running in their heads. What do you do?

I suggest,be the Christopher Columbus of your group, take the plunge or how else will you know what’s on the other side of being a cup-vert.

As a one year old cup-vert here are my few cents on why you should cup-vert.

  1. Yes, all the cup-verted women raving about how good the cup is very true!.It's worth the money spent. And once you switch , you don't get rashes, you don't have to worry about disposal as all you need to do is just drain the blood in the sink, clean the cup with clean water and you are ready to re-insert it.
  2. You don't have to ever spend money on pads again! How cool is that!
  3. Once you get used to the cup, you forget that you are wearing a cup, in fact you forget that you are on your periods itself!
  4. Learning how to use a cup has its learning curve, it takes one cycle to get the knack of inserting and removal of cup. So relax, don't fret if you aren't successful inserting it the first time
  5. Lastly with cups, you can actually do anything while on your periods be it dancing , cycling, swimming , trekking, you name the impossible, it can be done with the cups.

So what are you waiting for. Take the plunge and go grab your cup and join the bandwagon of women doing the impossible during their periods.

Meme Credits - GCL students of Welingkar Institute of Management

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