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Segregation On-the-go Kit - Stonesoup Shop
Segregation On-the-go Kit - Stonesoup Shop
Rs. 300.00

Segregation On-the-go Kit

When travelling, we end up putting all waste in one compartment of the car or pocket or purse or bag. To solve just this issue, presenting multipurpose segregation bags made from Kora cotton by an NGO in rural South India.

Can be used as -

*  segregation kit in the car. Tied to one of the car seats and a steel tumbler can be inserted for wet and reject waste each so that the bag doesnot get soiled each time.

* Plogging Kit. Tied to the waist on the plogging/hiking trips, can pick waste and segregate.

As expected, the pouch for DRY WASTE is twice that of WET and REJECT waste. An elastic to keep the contents of DRY waste pouch from spilling all over.