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Videos on Cups/Cloth Pads

Why Sustainable Menstruation? TEDx Talk by Smita Kulkarni

Why Cups? Gynaecologist Meenakshi Bharath talks about

How to use the cup? Learn how to insert, remove and much more?

Choosing the right cup! Soft, hard, with stem, without?


Frequently Asked Questions - answered by Gynaecs Dr Meenakshi & Dr Aruna

Story of Stem: Why Stonesoup Cups don't have a stem

Yoga Asanas For Menstrual Happiness

Cloth Pads: How to use, carry back, wash Stonesoup Petals cloth pads

Advantages of a menstrual cup

Team of Women, impacting women

Donating Happy Periods:

#BleedGreen sessions in Corporates

The Better India covers Stonesoup

The Logical Indian interviews Smita

Red Herring review of Stonesoup Cup

Hygiene&You review of Stonesoup Cup

Dr Girish Kulkarni, reknowned Gynaecologist from Dharwad

RJ Pat pat pataki Shruthi of Big FM talking to Smita on SM

Chitra Praneeth on DD Chandana

Dr Meenakshi on DD Chandana

Videos on Composting

Home composting using Te` Composter

Community Composting using Aaditi

Beat Air Pollution by Composting



Videos on Zero-waste Cities