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One-week challenge : Te' home composting kit

Rs. 699.00 Rs. 750.00

It is an Aerobic Composting Kit that converts your kitchen waste to compost.


One 20 L Te' bin, one  900 gm Compost Maker Block

Simplest method of composting, no mixing or turning required. Every day add kitchen waste to the bin and sprinkle compost maker block powder. That's it. Can take vegetable/fruit peels, leftover food, eggs, non-veg, pooja flowers, garden waste and all other forms of organic waste. No Smell, No flies. Compost Maker Brick deodorizes the waste to ensure there is no bad smell ;

Ideal for folks living in Apartments & Flats. Light weight units, easy to lift and use with a built-in handle.Multiple units can be stacked to save space at your home.

To know more about 1-week challenge, check this video:



We have been using Aaditi to compost our apartment waste for the last 2 years. It is simple, smell-free and great support from the Stonesoup team

BNS RatnakarRWA Imperial Solitaire

I love the stemless comfort of Stonesoup cup. I have recommended it to all my cousins and friends too!


Many people in our layout use Te for composting our kitchen waste and we are very happy to compost and grow our own food

KMA SwamyRWA, RBI Layout

We are thankful for the donation of Ladli Pads during lockdown. This will last us for at least 3-4 years.

Shaheen KausarCo-ordinator, HID Forum, Gangawati

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Open Letter to Monica Lennon

Open Letter to Monica Lennon

Monica Lennon is a Scottish politician who led the campaign to provide free period products to all women in Scotland. The details on the ruling at the below link. Dr Meenakshi Bharath writes an open letter to Ms Monica in the blog below (published with permission from Dr Meenakshi)  Dear Monica Lennon, Many congrats on leading this programme and making Scotland the first nation in...

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