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About Us

Our journey towards a sustainable life started as citizen volunteers who were tired of dealing with surmounting waste problem in the city, lakes frothing with toxins and mountains of garbage dumped in the landfills. when we looked around we found that the garbage problem had to be tackled at its source by informing, educating and helping people in reducing and managing the waste they generated.

We provide hassle free and convenient solutions to reduce and manage wet, dry and reject waste.

Our Mission

We want to be a global leader for Green Choices.

StoneSoup Wings Menstrual Cup

Innovative Design - Stemless cup and U shaped (Patent accepted, approval pending) Increased capacity and reduced size. Support - Private network of experienced users and gynaecologists to hand -hold first time cups users.

Chutki Composting Kit

Low cost composting starter kit. Best way to try your hand at composting. No smell, no flies, no turning required. Backed by support group to hand-hold and help .

Natural Cleaners

All purpose natural cleaner made of citrus peels Replacement to toxic toilet and floor cleaner. Mopped water can be used as a fertiliser and can be used to water plants.

StoneSoup Petals Cloth Pads

The pads are made out of 100% cotton. These single stitched cloth pads can be folded and reused for up to 4 years. Every pad that you buy provides a means of livelihood for underprivileged women who stitch these cloth pads.