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Stonesoup Trust

Awareness, Livelihoods, Greener choices for ALL

Cups for women/girls in need

Stonesoup trust reaches out to women in rural, tribal and low income sectors to handhold them to greener periods! Help us to spare their bodies and so safeguard our farmlands and eco systems from disposables!

We mainly work in three areas.





Period Love Sessions

At one point in our own cultural history, menses was revered & respected. It was a time to rest, talk & gossip with gal pals for 2-4 days a month! Over time, it’s been downgraded to a dirty secret women should lock away. It has now been perceived to be a period of misery. Lets make menstruating exciting again!! Help us spread the Period Love. We take sessions in communities, corporates, schools, colleges. With lockdown, we have shifted to Online Sessions and are able to reach audiences beyond the geographic boundaries.


Gifting Happy Periods

While most of the CSR and Government donation programs encourage donation of disposable sanitary napkins, we at Stonesoup believe in donating reusable, sustainable period care products. We believe that disposable sanitary napkins are harmful for the environment, health of women, for the waste workers and contributes to period poverty.

Join hands with Stonesoup to donate Sustainable period care products. We have active campaigns to donate Cups for COVID warriors, Cloth Pad kits to PAD SQUAD and Cloth Pad kits to the economically challenged.


Project Green Dot

Through the GreenDot project we aim at establishing sustainable menstrual period care units in all 720 districts of India. Women will be employed to stitch modern age cloth pads and spread awareness sustainable menstrual hygiene products like the Cloth pads and menstrual cups.

Mission of GreenDot

●A new menstrual conversation paradigm that changes how community perceives periods.
●Make every district to reduce sanitary waste while creating employment for women.

With Covid the training program has been moved to an online platform.

GreenDots already established in Dharwad, Mandya, Dindigul, Bhadrak, Siddipet, Mysore

Sustainable Development GOALS by 2030
(As defined by United Nations)

Work done till now

  1. Supported "plastic ban" movement that fructified into a law in March 2016. For this we did sessions for waste volunteers as well as created standard material that was used by all volunteers - ask of items to be banned and their alternatives, database of vendors that provided alternatives, process to be followed by volunteers etc
  2. We helped created "Green the Red" campaign and funded it with effort and materials -artwork, distinctive marker etc. This campaign took cupserts from niche to mainstream - in fact the group changed its name to Green the Red.
  3. Created "Swachh Beedhi" campaign - it encouraged people who are already composting to work towards spreading it in the their street. We created a pilot with HSR MLA and volunteer team and had 100 homes who started composting and 12 temples that started managing waste in situ. We now have a city pilot coming up that will have showcase from 6 vendors including stonesoup.
  4. Period Love - Bleed Green. Version 2 of Green the Red where we have inner wheel and facebook as our partners and we have expanded scope to tackle twin issues - right thinking and right behaviour around periods. We are also training women SHGs to make cloth pads that we are selling - reusable cloth pads made in dharwad have just been launched.
  5. Donation - cups or cloth pads. We have been working with donors like Inner wheel, infosys, Swachh bharat mission, ebay, ladies circle etc, media personalities like rituparna and suparnaa to raise money to donate cups and cloth pads. besides our cups, eco femme pads, safe pads and saukhyam pads have been part of these donation drives.
  6. We are currently developing a campaign for natural cleaners- like pads, we would be promoting DIY, will also sell cleaners made by SHGs creating employment for urban women. Besides products produced by SHGs that we sell, we will also be promoting other natural cleaners available in the market.
  7. Consulting. Have helped Gujarat government in understanding how to get citizens to adopt segregation at source, Empri staff to be trained so they can train BBMP staff for plastic ban, Tata trust in implementing segregation in muzaffarnagar, helping Swachh Balasore to understand how to sequence various activities to achieve their objectives etc.

Engage With Us

Join Us in the campaign.

At Stonesoup Trust we believe in collective awareness towards sustainable choices. We urge people to become aware and start contributing towards a greener and sustainable future. Engage/Volunteer with us and help us spread the message of sustainability to a wider audience!


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Team: Together we change the world!

- The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do! -

  Padma Subramanian

  CEO, Stonesoup Trust

Malini Parmar

Trustee & Strategy, Stonesoup Trust

Smita Kulkarni

Trustee & Creatives, Stonesoup Trust

Bhavna Bhargava

Trustee & Operations, Stonesoup Trust

Our campaigns

Period Love #BleedGreen

Lane Composters

Cloth Pad making workshops

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