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Who is a Stonesoup Saathi?

❖ Conducts workshops -
❖ Composting,
❖ Sustainable menstruation and
❖ Plastic ban
❖ Natural cleaners
❖ Other sustainable living campaigns as and when they get launched.
❖ Sells Stonesoup products - can choose the products
❖ Sells Stonesoup partner products - can choose the products

What does Stonesoup give you?

❖ Material to do the workshops
❖ Saathi network - other green volunteers who will help you increase your knowledge
❖ Margin on products
❖ Opportunities to increase your circle of influence
❖ Opportunity to work as sustainability advisor
❖ Opportunity to increase income by selling allied products
❖ Opportunity to get referral income from our website
❖ Campaigns to support you
❖ Stonesoup has been in Media for the work we have done. You can read about it here.

What does Stonesoup expect from you?

❖ Go out there and let your circle of influence know about sustainable
❖ Innovate, create, participate
❖ Participate in our campaigns
❖ Make it a sustainable proposition for yourself and us
❖ Ensure that you have kits of all the products to demo and display
❖ Most important part - You yourself are composting, using reusables for menstruation, using natural cleaners and learning to live sustainably.

How to do it?

❖ Do composting and growing workshops in offices and communities
in your neighbourhood and where you have connects.
❖ Do sustainable menstruation workshops in offices, communities
and colleges.
❖ Be part of your area Facebook and WhatsApp groups and share
information there.
❖ Tieup with organic stores, gardening shops in your neighbourhood.
❖ Speak to your political leaders to promote these solutions.


❖ Saathi joining fees are Nil. For any shipment, you have to pay in advance and products worth that amount would be shipped to you (you can choose the products you want to carry).

Please transfer funds to Stonesoup account and send a cc to with a reference number and then products will be shipped to you.

You can place the order for any amount that you want - work at a pace that works for you and with products you feel passionate about.

Our Bank account details are as follows:
❖ 1) Name in Bank Account: Stonesoup 2) Bank Account No: 272305000155 3) Name of Bank: ICICI, Haralur Road, Bangalore 4) Type of account: Current 5) IFSC code: ICIC0002723

❖ For few products, Saathi margins will be lower as the market demand for price points is lower. Allied products that we sign up - Stonesoup and Saathi will split the margins.

❖ For consulting services - on assignment by assignment basis. If you have a client but not skills, we would be happy to co-own the engagement to success with you. We have helped restaurants to become zero waste to help state governments implement waste segregation at source. Ask us, we have folks with expertise.

❖ For products that you make with Stonesoup specification and under Stonesoup name (and hence quality checks and reviews) - 80% of MRP is yours, 20% will be ours including for deals that we refer to you. for example Chutki kits or natural cleaners.

For products that we share specification but you make under your name - like home shampoo. 100% MRP is your income. Feel free to add more products that promote sustainable living.

❖ Cost of all transportation from our office to yours will be borne by you. Taxes included in what we bill to you. you need to take care of taxes for your billing to customers, where applicable.

Join the Stonesoup family...Become the changemaker!

Transform your neighbourhood

Learn new skills

Network and meet more eco-friendly pals

Build a business

 To know more write to us at or call us at: 080 41214957