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Home Composting

"Growing your own food is like printing your own money"

Home compostingOur Aerobic Home Composting kits and Compost Maker Blocks help convert kitchen waste into manure in simple, easy-to-do steps. Kitchen waste contributes 60% to the household waste every day and managing this in-house makes a household less dependent on municipal waste collection. Compost your waste, grow your own food - this will result in cleaner city and healthier bodies!Eat-Compost-Grow

How to compost?

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

 1. Soak Compost Maker Block in water to get powder

2. Add kitchen waste and sprinkle powder

3. Once bin is full, keep aside for 3-4 weeks

4. Harvest earthy smelling compost and grow your own food

Frequently Asked Questions on Composting

Q1: How can I get rid of fruit flies in my composting bin?

For fruit flies, try any of these tips :

  • Cover the kitchen waste completely with compost maker powder.
  • Use a neem oil spray - 10ml neem oil in 500 ml water with a few drops of any soap liquid for oil and water to mix.
  • In your kitchen or nearby place, place a bowl of water and add about 3 to 4 camphor
  • Lemon grass oil spray helps also to reduce fruit flies

Q2: Maggots are collected in the place below the compost bin. What do I do?

They can be a fish or poultry feed (Food for fish and chicken). You can also put them back in a compost bin with fresh or semi decomposed material.

 Q3: How do I know that my compost is ready?

The decomposed material in the compost bin should smell like soil like earthen smell. Most of the kitchen waste added should not be seen.

Q4: Should I dry the compost or just bag it?

Sun dry compost for about 3 hrs and bag it, It should still have some moisture in it for the micro-organisms to be alive.

Q5: My compost bin is stinking

It is important that in the intial setup, compost maker powder is added to the level of the arrow mark. If your kitchen waste consists of high water content fruit peels like watermelon, musk melon,cucumber, then add more compost maker powder to absorb the extra moisture. It is important to squeeze out extra moisture from sambar, teapowder etc before adding to the composting container.