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Beginner's Dilemma : What is aerobic composting ?

Beginner's Dilemma : What is aerobic composting ? 0

By Rini Varghese

Aerobic composting is driven by aerobic microorganisms which thrive in plenty of oxygen ( good aeration ) and balanced moisture content.

What you need to do?

1. Layer your waste with browns and composting aerobic microbes

2. Ensure the aeration of the compost pile is good and the moisture content is balanced. (essentially making sure that the compost pile doesn't turn out to be like a mushy swamp)

Advantages of Aerobic Composting

1.No smell 

2. Easy process, waste gets easier to manage as the days progress no rocket science involved.

3.Compost is ready within three to four weeks

Disadvantages of Aerobic Composting

You have to layer the waste with compost maker which does require a little effort from your side.


As a beginner,it is advisable to start with aerobic composting as it does not require complicated steps or equipments. Its absolutely simple and do-able,no rocket invovled . 

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Maggots in your Compost?

Maggots in your Compost? 0

Maggot problems in your compost ?
Especially during the warmer months of February,March and April ?
By Rini Varghese
Maggots are tiny larvae of fruit-flies/ soldier flies which multiply rapidly when the temperature and moisture content in your compost pile is high.
They are harmless and thrive well in nitrogen rich compost. They even help in composting by breaking down the organic matter.
How do you tackle it?
1.Add more browns to your compost pile eg dry leaves, dried flowers, vegetables.
2.Add more microbial compost maker powder to the composter to maintain ambient moisture.Cover the kitchen waste completely with compost maker powder.
3.Keep the compost pile fluffy, the better the aeration, the lesser are chances of maggots for crawling out. 
Most importantly, maggots are harmless and they help speed up the composting process, so fret not !
Have a happy composting experience!
Why Stonesoup compost maker blocks are superior to other composting solutions in the market?

Why Stonesoup compost maker blocks are superior to other composting solutions in the market? 0

By Rini Varghese

Why is it better than other solutions in the market?

  • Absolutely no foul smell. A biodegradable waste which is generating foul smell when introduced into the composting medium loose the foul smell immediately
  • It has naturally occuring aerobic composting microbes that converts your organic waste into high value compost in just 23- 30 days.
  • No leachate during the process
  • No flies when the moisture is maintained at an optimum level. Even if the maggots are generated it becomes inactive and dies in a few days.
  • Frequent turning of the material not required thereby reducing the inconvenience associated with turning.
  • A consortium of naturally occurring aerobic composting microbes breaks down all the complex bio molecules. It acts effectively on both vegetarian and non- vegetarian food.
  • Compost provides a rich growing medium, or a porous, absorbent material that holds moisture and soluble minerals, providing the support and nutrients in which plants can flourish.
  • When mixed with soil it can boost the level of organic matter and the overall fertility of the soil.
  • Composting can destroy pathogens or unwanted seeds. 
  • Using Compost as a growing medium reduces water requirement to one- fourth the normal recommended dosage thereby effectively saving 75% of water consumption
Review of our Community Composter Aaditi by Savita Hiremath

Review of our Community Composter Aaditi by Savita Hiremath 0

Savita Hiremath is a green warrior-cum-journalist who is fighting the demons of 24-hr composting machines. Very happy to share her views on our community composting solution - Aaditi.