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A Deadly Wish

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Anupama Singh is one of our Saathi (network partner) who is an ecowarrior and is passionate about composting and sustainable menstruation. She has penned down this beautiful poem about composting. Please read, comment and share .

 A deadly wish!

It's like a song I wish to sing every day...
It's an art I like to put together with all my heart!
It's a science that mother of all mothers is expert in and I am learning with my baby steps..
Cause I know how exciting it is to see waste turn into life!
I do wish that someday when I die,
I am treated the same way,
Buried in the layers of browns and greens...
As each cell of my body disintegrates, Into organic matter,
I know I will sprout with life again ,
A plant or a tree or a flower or fruit
How rewarding would that be,
Life giving life!
Offcourse if I am comatose at any point,
Harvest my organs first before you let me sleep
In the thicket of earth, my mother, my Mother Earth💚💚💚


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