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Maggots in your Compost?

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Maggot problems in your compost ?
Especially during the warmer months of February,March and April ?
By Rini Varghese
Maggots are tiny larvae of fruit-flies/ soldier flies which multiply rapidly when the temperature and moisture content in your compost pile is high.
They are harmless and thrive well in nitrogen rich compost. They even help in composting by breaking down the organic matter.
How do you tackle it?
1.Add more browns to your compost pile eg dry leaves, dried flowers, vegetables.
2.Add more microbial compost maker powder to the composter to maintain ambient moisture.Cover the kitchen waste completely with compost maker powder.
3.Keep the compost pile fluffy, the better the aeration, the lesser are chances of maggots for crawling out. 
Most importantly, maggots are harmless and they help speed up the composting process, so fret not !
Have a happy composting experience!
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  • Dear Anu Yermal we don’t have feature to reply to comment so posting here. Flies and worms increase if the pile is runny and soggy. it should be moist but not runny. Pl rake/mix the pile. Add and adjust browns (CMB) so the pile is not watery. Close the lid so flies are reduced. if leachate is oozing through the holes, take a wet cloth and wipe. Pl join our WhatsApp compost support group we can guide you,

    Prabha on
  • A stone soup compost maker unit is a must for homes that love flowers, fruits, and agriculture. I have been using it for almost 3 years. Better process household kitchen waste in harmony with nature. The compost obtained as the final product is an excellent fertilizer for vegetables and flower plants…. 🌿🌿☘️🌱🌳🌳

    Jiju N Jacob on
  • I have a severe I infestation of fruit flies every time I start composting. I keep my compost bin in the balcony…which is quite far from the kitchen, but despite that my entire kitchen is full of fruit flies. I have tried layering the bin with a lot of compost mixture..but to no avail. This is discouraging me from composting

    Anu Yermal on

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