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Is stem on a menstrual cup like our Vestigial organ? Outdated and of No Purpose!

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Written by Prabha Mudda

Do we require Stem on menstrual cup?

Is it normal to feel the stem of menstrual cup?

Is stem or tail or ring on a menstrual cup required when it can hurt and is not supposed to be used to pull out the cup?

Should I cut the stem of my menstrual cup?

Stem on Menstrual cup / Period cup looks like our Vestigial organ, appendix, non-functional remnant of evolution. Why design a cup with a no use tail or stem and later advise to file or chop it off?

Have you ever thought why this small wonderful invention called Menstrual cup comes with an extension in the bottom like a stem or ring? So, the obvious answer is, it ensures cup doesn’t go anywhere in the vagina, it’s not lost, easy to pull it out. Yeah, this is the answer for many who are not aware of the latest design and female anatomy. Having used the stemmed cup majority of them come back with tales like, 'I can feel the stem of my cup, it pokes', 'It hurts when the stem rubs my wall when I sit" and many more. 

 Let us dispel the misconception regarding stem or ring in a Menstrual cup. 


Many are confused, few have joked on our social media pages, when they view soft, round bottom Wings Menstrual Cup by Not a surprise as almost all cups in market come with a stem or ring like extension and some are conical in shape with slight pointy edge.                                  

 Questions that arise are, Such odd design!  How will one pull or remove the menstrual cup from vagina, without a stem or ring? How can I reach it, where is the grip? 

 What if it gets struck in the vagina? Doesn’t this menstrual cup get lost in the canal and go up into the uterus?

 Well, well! Here are the answers for all your queries. 

 For a beginner a menstrual cup is a reusable feminine hygiene product.  It is a small, flexible funnel-shaped cup usually made from medical grade silicone that needs to be inserted into the vagina during menstruation to collect menstrual fluid. Check on how to use a menstrual cup?

Stonesoup’s initial cup, Pratham, was a regular stem cup similar to what we see in the market. Picture below is Pratham menstrual cup. It was quite a trend initially when cups were launched. 


 However, majority of women who used the stem cup, voiced their opinion that the stem is a hindrance, it obstructs, pokes and hurts. Many felt terrible while sitting. Not all women have high cervix. Many have medium to low cervix too. Even if they have high cervix, cup tends to come down slightly with pelvic movements while walking, sitting etc

 Next solution was to ask them to cut the stem off the Menstrual cup. Trimming the stem gave relief for few while lot more said the rough edge down still hurts. They were even asked to flip the bottom part inwards. This reduced cup size and gave the blunt feel down.

Here comes the analogy for tail like stem in menstrual cups and human appendix! 

Our design team along with gynecologists' realized stem or tail or any extension is of no use. Customer comfort was the utmost need so that women who use menstrual cup should have a happy, blissful period. Also Menstrual Cup should never ever be removed or pulled using the stem, tail or ring  without releasing the suction as it may put pressure on pelvic floor muscles. Females unknowing or involuntarily tend to pull the stem. Now coming to the point the stem or tail on a menstrual cup looked like a appendix in our body, which we inherited from our evolutionary ancestors but turned non-functional. Even when that remnant gets infected and swells up to burst, surgeons operate it off!! So why design a cup with a non-functional tail or stem and later advise to file or chop it off. After enough brainstorming the team was up for new innovation in design. What is that thing most naturally and comfortably inserted into female vagina. Obviously, it is the male genital organ, penis, that goes in a normal sexual intercourse. Hence the idea to design something to mimic human organ came into existence.  Ergonomics played the role and the earlier non-functional tail gave way to round soft bottom. Patented Wings Menstrual Cup was born with soft round bottom. Wings was right name as it makes one fly with freedom. 

 How will one pull or remove the cup out from vagina?

 Using the stem / ring to remove or pull the cup is a total misconception. Menstrual cups sell on stem concept and have compelled huge percentage of women to think that cup should be removed using the stem. Cup should never ever be removed or pulled using the stem or ring. Stem or no stem, it should be pinched or squeezed in the bottom, suction released and then slowly removed. Someone who uses stem cup or ring cup generally tends to pull cup using the extension as it is easily reachable. There are chances of hurting the pelvic floor muscle which may cause vaginal prolapse. It can happen with no stem cup too if one pulls cup without releasing the suction. But the chance of pulling is high with stem or ring cup due to lack of awareness.  Stonesoup wings Menstrual cup design is perfect to squeeze or pinch the bottom, so suction is released and cup removed. Stonesoup does creates awareness regarding cup insertion and removal be it their stem or no stem cup.

Check YouTube video Story of the Stem,

 Conical shaped stemless cups are much better than stem or ring ones. But they still have a pointy edge that may touch the vaginal wall and hurt. Stonesoup wings is utmost bliss!!  Glad that many of our customers have ditched the earlier stem ones and switched to stemless comfort of Stonesoup Wings.

 We still have stem cup Pratham on our online shop but would suggest it only on economical basis or someone is bent on stem.

 How can I reach it,  where is the grip?

    My cup is lost up in my vagina!  I am not able to reach it!! Don’t panic. Rest assured. The comfort is when the menstrual cup is lost up in vagina, and is snugly nested and fitted to the mouth of cervix. When it is so, one doesn’t feel the cup inside. To remove, half squat or sit in same position the way you inserted and slightly put pressure like pooping. Bear down like you do while potting. Cup comes down, now grip the bottom and pinch to release suction and remove.

 Will the Menstrual cup get struck in my vagina? Or go into the Uterus? 

This is the constant fear every female new to the menstrual cup thinks. With a Stonesoup wings cup the doubt is amplified as there is no stem or ring at the bottom. The question arises how one will grip and remove the cup. Will the cup not disappear inside my vagina. Will it go up and get stuck in the uterus? 

Look at the picture of female reproductive system up. So you can see the vaginal canal is tube like structure.  Up very narrow pipe like structure is cervix,  that is connected to uterus and the mouth of which opens  into the neck of vaginal canal. It is very tight muscle that is minutely open for the menstrual blood to trickle out. 
Cervix is a structure that blows up only and only during child birth. Weight of the baby being delivered and the hormones play role in bulging it to move the baby down. Once delivered it collapses or shrinks back to narrow structure. Above the neck of vaginal canal there is thick pelvic floor muscle that acts like a barrier between the canal and uterus.
So if you look at the anatomy, the menstrual cup has no where to go but sit somewhere in the vaginal canal. It is impossible for it to go further up. 
So if it is struck up, just give a slight push by exerting pressure like you are pooping. Cup easily moves down. Squeeze bottom, release suction and remove. 

Why use a stem cup when it is outdated and non-functional? Isn't it like our appendix, a remnant of our evolutionary history but of no use!! It is time to let go the tail and switch to a No stem Wings Menstrual Cup. Stemless Comfort with soft round bottom.


For more details contact: StoneSoup Shop

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Stemless Menstrual Cup

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