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How to Use a Menstrual Cup - Insertion, removal and wash care

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A menstrual cup is a reusable feminine hygiene product.  It is a small, flexible funnel-shaped cup usually made from medical grade silicone that needs to be inserted into the vagina during menstruation to collect menstrual fluid.

The menstrual cup can hold more blood and is the best eco-friendly alternative when compared to other menstrual products available.  You could wear a cup for up to about 12 hours. 

The best reusable menstrual cups made from medical grade silicone are available at Stonesoup Shop.

Stonesoup's menstrual cups are patented for its unique U shape design, double platinum polished to have a smooth surface and have a strong support system to help customers for a smooth transition.

Before you insert your menstrual cup: When your menstrual cup is used for the first time, it could be uncomfortable.  But lubricating or greasing the rim with water or water-based lube or lubricant makes a wet cup a lot easier to insert. We also suggest wearing the cup only during your period days as the period blood acts as natural lubrication. Please avoid dry runs.

How to insert your menstrual cup/?

Inserting the menstrual cup is relatively easy.  The following steps need to be followed to use a cup.

  • Wash your hands with mild soap and water thoroughly.
  • Better to keep finger nails trimmed initially as you are dealing with your sensitive area.
  • Take three to four deep breaths to make the whole body calm and comfortable.
  • You could apply water or water-based lube to the rim of the cup.
  • Stand in half squat position with one leg raised or sit in Indian squatting position
  • Fold the rim of cup in U shape fold or punch down fold so as to make it easier to insert with the rim facing up.
  • Insert it into your vagina gently moving it up until it opens up.
  • Hold the base of the cup and twist a little to ensure that the rim is opened and suction is formed.
  • Feel the roundness at the bottom along with vaginal walls to make sure that the cup is properly placed.
  • Once the cup is open, push it up to cervix so suction is formed.
  • When you stand , the cup should be completely inside the vagina and nothing should be protruding out.
  • Generally, if the menstrual cup is inserted properly you will not be able to feel it.
  • Relax after which you can carry on with your regular activities.

When to take your menstrual cup out

You can wear a menstrual cup for 6 to 12 hours, depending on whether you have a heavy or light flow.   A menstrual cup could be used for overnight protection.  The menstrual cup could be used for a maximum of 12-hour mark; although, you need to empty it before it becomes full. It has to be emptied whenever it becomes full to avoid leaks irrespective of no. of hours. A normal bleeder can wear the cup up to 12 hrs. The cup is so comfortable that the user will forget about periods. Many of our customers keep an alarm to get notified to empty the cup.

When to remove your menstrual cup?

When you use the menstrual cup from Shop all you need to do when the cup gets filled or you have worn it for 10 to 12 hours is pinch the base a little to release the suction, remove it and empty the contents into the sink or commode.

How to remove your menstrual cup?

1.Wash your hands thoroughly before removing the cup.

2.Be relaxed and calm. You can also take couple of deep breaths to let your muscles relaxed.

3.Sit in Indian squatting position or stand in half squat position with one leg raised on the commode (use the commode as a stool with flap closed).

4.Pinch the base of the cup to release the suction and easily it will slide down. If you are unable to locate the base, don't panic, just give a slight push using your pelvic muscles to push down the cup (like you are pooping). The cup will easily slide down and you will be able to hold the base of the cup. Pinch the base to release the suction and then slide down the cup carefully so that the blood contents don't spill. Empty the contents, wash the cup and insert again. StoneSoup' s unique design cup is  very easy to remove. It may take two to three cycles to get a hang of using the cup.

 Cup care: The cup needs to be soaked in hot water in a small mug for about 10 minutes before and after the cycle. In between periods only washing with cold water is sufficient. After the period cycle, wash it clean and dry it before storing in the cloth pouch given and then inside the tin provided. 

Please follow the youtube video where Dr Nishi Singh (UAE), a renowned microbiologist and consultant to the UAE government talks about infections and menstrual cups. The talk gives a clear idea as to why a cup need not be sterilized and also why women don't need any vaginal wash products.


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