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Save Soil- Be a part of this global movement

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Save Soil

Mother is what we call this beautiful planet we live on but do we, the human race treat her like we ought to treat a mother? Sadly no..
The greed of feeding ourselves with more than we need is literally killing our planet and yet most people in the world are oblivious to the impending doom of we continue to do what we’re doing.
Soil is one of our most important natural resources without which we can’t grow the food that sustains human life.
With our ever increasing population that demands more and more with each passing day, usage of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilisers have reached dangerous levels that has noticeably been affecting our health and also the health of the soil that our food grows!
It’s proven that unregulated usage of chemical fertilisers and pesticides not only harm us but harm our soil too.. soil can go barren if we don’t begin take care of it!
Each person thinks what can I do as a single person in a world that has 7billion people? What we fail to fathom is the power each individual has in impacting our soil positively.
We only need to start and influence a small group of people around us to see results.

Sadguru is on a ‘Save Soil’ mission which is global movement to highlight the importance of protecting our soil and creating awareness among people of all countries to stand up for their soil by fighting for policies that encourage sustainable and environmental friendly ways to cultivate food. Sadguru is travelling to all corners of the world spreading this all important message to protect this precious life sustaining resource. Sadhguru will be embarking on a journey to meet citizens, leaders and experts as a lone motorcyclist covering 30,000 km across 25 nations from the United Kingdom to India in 100 days.
For more on his mission click on this link!
The movement has had quite an impact and each and everyone of us should carry forward this message to as many people as we can. There’s nothing that we collectively can’t achieve.

What is the easiest thing we can do immediately?

1. Segregation of waste at source

2. Composting wet waste

3. Using reusables to avoid plastic waste getting generated

4. Using reusable sanitary products like menstrual cup and cloth pads to eliminate reject waste.

60 percent of household waste in India is organic and the best way to take care of that is to compost at source! So many tried and tested methods to compost organic waste are easily accessible now. Choose the method that suits your needs the best. Composting in turn leads to organic terrace gardening which in turn leads to chemical free fresh produce! It’s a win win situation to all the stakeholders. You will be surprised which how much one can grow even in a small balcony. All we need is the will to change!

Another benefit of composting is that waste gets segregated at source and we all know that segregated waste is much easier to handle. We’re losing thousands of acres of land to unscientific and highly polluting landfills which are destroying the soil and water in the surrounding areas. The same chemical laden water is used to grow our food and we’re stuck in this vicious toxic cycle and we have all the power to break this cycle with a simple action. The joy of seeing your kitchen waste turn into sweet smelling compost that yields organic produce is a prized bonus.

Stonesoup is one company that provides complete solutions for individual and community composting. Our team is a one stop solution for all sustainable ways to manage waste! We have perfected the art of composting with years of on-ground experience and our passion towards the environment is infectious to say the least.
Stonesoup’s CAAS (Composting as a Service)

The most common issue in community composting is who is responsible for composting organic waste generated in a community?
House keeping has a million other things to manage, volunteers cannot sustain the amount of work and monitoring that goes into managing everyday composting.
To be conscious of your waste is one thing, and managing the waste of a community is an entirely different thing.
This is where Team Stonesoup comes in! Did you know you could outsource your entire composting to us? Yes! We’ll manage your segregated kitchen waste and convert it into sweet smelling compost and what more? We will also ensure that the surrounding area is clean and trouble free while you are at peace knowing that your waste is being managed responsibly by experts! It can’t get easier than this😇
Watch how we convert your waste into black gold!

Do join us in this mission to save our soil. Click here to know more about us.

Just to give you an idea of what our passion has achieved, Stonesoup’s Menstrual cups and cloth pads are responsible for 15 million sanitary pads from not reaching landfills, 10 tonnes of wet waste is composted everyday in our composters and there are a million less plastic bags thanks to our cloth bags.

If each and everyone makes a conscious decision to manage our waste responsibly, we can turn the situation around in no time.

Do you want to be a part of the solution? We are just a call away.

Contact - 91084 62846


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  • Very nice blog thoroghly enjoyed. CAAS by your company, really looks interesting as it is hassle free for communities to offload their wet waste mgmnt

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