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Donating for Flood Relief? Think sustainable.

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Non stop rains and floods. Chennai, Kerala, Kodagu and now North Karnataka and Maharashtra. My apologies to all who wouldn't want to think of waste at times like this but that is all i can think of. Especially as I see list of things to be donated.. 
1. Sanitary pads and diapers. Seriously? After using it for 6-8 hours, where will women throw these? in streets already overflowing with filth and unpicked garbage. or throw it in overflowing water so it can last in lake or ocean for 500-800 years. Consider Ladli pads or Pratham cups. Ladli pads can be washed, put out to dry. send extra inserts as it will take longer for clothes to dry in this wet weather. If it is married women, it would be perfect time to switch. There are enough and more sustainable menstruation volunteers living in these areas of Karnataka and Maharashtra. 
2. Acids/bleaches/phenyles to clean houses once flood recedes. Seriously? So after damage to big things, lets kill the small microorganisms in the ecosystem so natural ecosystem takes even longer to recover. Consider Bioenzymes. All purpose natural cleaners. And if this drains into a lake, it will help revive it. mop water can be used to water plants. Safe for people and environment and costs less too. Creates employment as made by women SHGs. 
3. All the fallen trees and plants and small animals are cleared and buried in pits. Instead of using disinfectant, consider adding compost maker blocks so all of it can become compost for fields in days and months to come. 
 4. Bottled water, really, seriously? Why ship water and not something that cleans the excess water they already have. I understand chlorine tabs are cheaper and better alternatives. plastic in soil is making percolation of water less and floods more severe. 
5. No to used clothes. Why not? Most donated clothes will not fit well and once folks have limped back, these will be in trash. Donate usable (not torn or dirty) used clothes and household items so while you create space in your house and wardrobe, no new material is produced for temporary needs. Give them folded and neatly pressed so people receiving can do so with dignity. 
This is what climate change looks like and no one is safe from it. Lets all take steps towards sustainable living. Please check for more ways on how you can reduce your waste footprint.
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