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Sustainability during a pandemic

Sustainability during a pandemic

As the world is hit by the outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we bring to you ways to deal with the pandemic in a sustainable manner. 

1. The disposable masks: As fears over the coronavirus outbreak spread, thousands of people are clamoring to buy disposable face masks in an effort to protect themselves. However, experts say that they are not the best way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Wearing a mask is more for people already showing symptoms of coronavirus and their caregivers than for people trying to prevent it.  Rather, experts caution that putting on a face mask without proper fitting and training could actually increase your risk. The local stores are running out of disposable masks and  these masks are not to be REUSED. Detailed instructions on masks’ usage from WHO here -       
              Rather, use washable, reusable masks that can be easily disinfected by the magical device in our homes called the "washing machine".


    Stitch your own mask from 

    Fabric (dupattas/sarees/bedsheets):

    OR bras:


    Use a handkerchief or dupatta or scarf to cover your mouth while sneezing/coughing or crossing a crowded street/area.

    2. Alcohol based wet wipes for the smart phone, tablets: The Corona virus is known to survive on surface for upto 9 days. Hence people are reaching out to alcohol based wet wipes to clean the surfaces of their smartphone and tablets to disinfect the devices. There is a better way to clean the surface (first, of course, is wash your hands every time before you handle the device). Lightly dampen the corner of a soft, lint-free cloth or a microfiber cloth with the distilled water and white vinegar mix. Again, don't apply or spray the mix directly onto your phone. Gently wipe your phone with the cloth. Use the dry corner of cloth to remove any excess on your phone.

    3. Hand sanitisers: Hand washing is of utmost importance now. But the alcohol-based sanitzers aren’t necessarily the way. Here’s an article that lists the dangers of these sanitisers.

    Children especially should be taught to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and not handed these sanitisers.  Try this hand wash made from bio enzymes by BRICS

    4. Travel: Many are avoiding public transport and using private vehicles/cabs to travel. It is best to avoid travel altogether and attained meetings virtually. Here are a few tools that enable you to do just that -

    More information on the WHO website:


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