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How safe is the air we are breathing?

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Respiratory diseases,allergies,asthma and other lung diseases have seen an exponential increase in the last few decades. Rising temperature,increased use of air conditioners,companies coming out with sophisticated air purifiers  all of this points to global warming and to the fact that the air inside our house is also extremely polluted! All countries across the globe are seeing a steep rise in air pollution and some of the cities have been marked at dangerous levels. It indeed is alarming!

Among the population infants, old people and people with low immunity are the ones who have  become an easy target by all pollutants.No new technology or safety equipment can keep us safe from all this unless we get our act together

Don’t wait for the government to do it all for you or else it will never happen or maybe too late.Do simple things that can naturally clean our air and keep our surroundings clean

1)Plant an air purifier:

Yes grow these special plants which clean the air,produce oxygen and improve air quality

HOLY BASIL(Tulsi)- A very common plant in Indian houses,It is an excellent air purifier and has a lot of medicinal values. This maybe the reason why it is worshipped in Hindu culture

ALO VERA- One alo vera plant does the job of nine air purifiers by absorbing CO2 and CO ,It has a lot of medicinal values and is used as a rooting agent for plants

ARECA PALM- Works as a humidifier and filters the air,It can be planted indoors too

FICULA-Can be kept indoors or in indirect sunlight,produces oxygen and is easy to maintain.

IVY PLANT- Comes in a huge variegated and non variegated variety .Removes air toxins within six hours, a must have plant for home

SPIDER PLANT- Easy to maintain and propagate,It filters gasoline,toxins and CO  from the air

SNAKE PLANT-Easy to maintain,it can be kept inside , it produces oxygen even at night

2) Use natural resources judiciously

  • Carpool and save fuel !
  • Segregate and compost food waste so that mixed waste is not burnt away!
  • Move to renewable  fuel and clean energy

Plant more trees,breathe healthy clean air and live healthy because “ Health is Wealth”                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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