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Menstruation cup from soup stone is a blessing. It's been an year I adopted cup and the life has changed. Using cup is easier, more hygiene, more economical and more environment friendly. Recommend this to every fellow women..

Sanjana G

I have experienced of 1cycle and I am feeling so free, I dance, take shower, I sit up side down ,feels like am free even in my periods days. Am free from bad mood swings as well, I feel am more hygiene now. They have a what's app..


Great product, have been using the teal cup for an year now. Initially, it seemed difficult to adapt to the cup but now periods are Happy days of the month. Now, Insertion and removal of the cup is quite easy. It gives immense satisfaction that I..


Stonesoup menstrual cup is one of the best thing that has happened in my life!! I have been using it for 6 cycles. I regret for not knowing about this earlier. I used to get rashes during every cycle when I was using sanitary pads. Now I am really very happy after shifting to menstrual cup. I have no rashes at all(complete zero). I have taken the best decision❤️ Since there was no member in my family who used the menstrual cup, I had to..

Phinu Mary Jose School of Business and Management

I feel a great sense of liberty, when I switched to Stonesoup Menstrual Cup, the likes of which I haven't experienced since my puberty😊
I wish I had known about it earlier but 'bettwr late than never'👍 I have been vocal about my support to a lot of my friends and family. Have been proud to see 2 converts👍 look forward to more. Stonesoup has a range of amazing products..


I was very hesitant to use the menstrual cup at first but then I used to get rashes from sanitary pads. Also, it's so so bad for the environment. I purchased the cup but it took 2 months for me to try it out. The videos posted by stonesoup on YouTube and the WhatsApp support group really helped me out. The ladies out there who are still worried if they have to use it or not please give it a try. Most importantly, it doesn't get lost...

Estilia Valadares Noel Nolan

I bought my stonesoup cup in November 2020. On the 2nd day of usage, in the night when I was supposed to empty the cup and re insert it, I just could not find / get the grip of the cup and it put me in a stress mode. It was 11.45 pm, when I finished trying all sorts of positions and efforts to get it out. Then I thought of messaging one of the admins of the stonesoup, hoping at least in the morning I would get help to get the cup out. But I immediately got a message..

Madhavi savana

I have been using stone soup cup for more than a year and really happy with the comfort it gives .To mention few
1. Guilt free usage as its eco friendly . When I was using pads I always had gulit for adding up for landfills and felt bad for municipality people who used to handle this with their hands .
2. I always hated to carry pads to bathroom and I use to dispose them in dustbin myself which was an additional duty for me as sometimes..

Priyanga Nair

can i give more stars.?.. Seriously !!... Stonesoup regular teal blue cup helped me now lead a comfortable period days. So i started using menstrual cup 6 months back. I purchased some random brand based on reviews from Amazon. It never worked for me cos i felt it was really hard and i started hving leaks often. I knew i wasnt inserting it correct . But also i felt discomfort. Then i purchased another one from Amazon again a softer one this time. Insertion this time..

krutika darshan

One of my best decisions in my life is going for menstrual cups. And i have started using stonesoup cups since last year. It had been wonderful experience, sometimes i feel am not bleeding then realize am on periods. I recommend all women out there to try menstrual cups and go green intead of dumping..

Parnika Shrimali

Amazing experience making your own compost with Stonesoup’s te compost buckets... the plants love it. It takes a couple of cycles to learn the balance between how moist / dry the composting activator powder needs to be, but thereafter it’s a smooth sailing. And their WhatsApp support group is incredible. Awesome to..


Every month during periods i used to suffer from rashes! :-(Through a facebook group, got to know about Stonesoup menstrual Cups, joined their Whatsapp group, but it took me 4-5 months to convince myself to buy a CUP!That Was a best decision in my life :-)Now, each month periods are rashfree, stressfree.Thank you ss..


I had been using sanitary pads for fifteen years without realising how much damage it was causing me both physically and mentally so much that I effected my fertility. We have been trying to get pregnant for the last 1 year, when we finally decided to consult a gynae. I was shocked to know the damage I had caused myself merely due to usage of sanitary pads. My Doc suggested me to try a cup. When I saw online the different sized of cups available scared the hell out of me, until I came across stonesoup. It was..

Deepu c

Periods have always been painful days to me. Pushing those 5 days is always been a monthly stress to go through. Thanks to my sister who introduced me to stone soup. I have been using it from 4 cycles. And I cannot imagine my periods without stonesoup. Their cup is very carefully designed and comes with high quality. Totally love it. First two cycles will go in adjusting to it. From 3rd period cycle you would become a pro in using it. Now periods are also part of happy days I comfortably travel with no hassle..

jyothi rajendran

Absolutely love their menstrual cup.I was little skeptical about using a cup initially as I used a Chinese cheapie when I officially cupverted and it wasn't a good experience. I was pleasantly surprised when my period days were no longer unpleasant and I felt liberated.Price wise it's not too cheap and not too expensive for a good brand.During promotions on different websites,you can get it for a price lower than MRP.For all women who think measuring cervix is not possible,you can close your eyes..

Tejasri Patkar

This is one of the best decision. I regret that I could not get this before. I thank my husband for showing me Stone Soup educators video in Fb. He preferred me to read more about it. There are so many products available for menstrual cups. I chose Stone Soup for the significance it is trying to develop and preserve our ecosystem. Thanks.. I never felt painful while..

Khatija Syed

I remember discussing about menstrual cup with my friend saying Vll never use it and that it sounds strange.And now I am a cupvert.Stonesoup not only helped me purchase a good product but also hand held me throughout the entire process. Shantha ma’am was so supportive and helpful.It works like magic. It does not create hazardous waste. It’s easy to use. A minimalist’s dream..

Joshika Srinivasan

I was recommended to use this cup by an existing user. This is my first experience with a menstrual cup. I was very nervous. But the excellent product and the wonderful people on the WhatsApp help group gave me the confidence to use it. Used it for two cycles now. There is no looking back...:)
I use their dharwad pad too. Very effective for medium to light flow days..


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