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Stonesoup Petals - Mandya Pad (Classic)
Stonesoup Petals - Mandya Pad (Classic)
Stonesoup Petals - Mandya Pad (Classic)
Stonesoup Petals - Mandya Pad (Classic) - Stonesoup Shop| Reusable cloth pad
Stonesoup Petals - Mandya Pad (Classic)
Rs. 275.00

Stonesoup Petals - Mandya Pad (Classic)

Mandya Regular Pads are soft, hypo-allergenic, washable cloth pads that can be used for period care. They are compact to carry (can be folded to fit into a purse or a pocket),  easy-to-maintain (can be hand-washed or machine-washed) and rash-free. Rid yourself of the plastic-y feel and gift yourself some Petals comfort.

These cloth pads have broad wings to minimise pant stains, are leak-proof and come in a variety of colourful patterns to make period-time, fun-time!. These pads are made by trained women of Mandya district in Karnataka and they are as excited as us to know the feedback on their stitched product. And by the way, these are eco-friendly as they save millions of disposables from the landfill!


  1. Comfortable: Natural soft fabric, no Rashes, no risk of infections
  2. Economical: No regular expenses
  3. Eco-friendly: No trash
  4. Broad Wings for better grip, no stains
  5. Hassle-free: Machine-washable
  6. Colourful designer patterns to make period time a happy time.

Contents:: 1 washable cloth pad, instruction manual

Size: length: 24cm, width: 8cm (

Size: length: 24cm, width: 8cm (excluding wings strap measure)