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Stonesoup Khaas Deo Stick - Stonesoup Shop
Stonesoup Khaas Deo Stick - Stonesoup Shop
Rs. 345.00

Stonesoup Khaas Deo Stick

Deo stick made of shea butter and essential oils. Fragrant and good for the skin. All Natural Deo, will not clog the pores or darken the underarms. It is safe and nourishes the skin along with deodorizing.


Oils-olive, coconut, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, scent: tea tree, lavender esssential oils. Additives: sodium bi-carbonate

Usage Instructions:

Open the lid, push the stick upwards (like an injection), rub the stick on each of the underarm areas. Tap the whole stick down to retract the stick inside the tube after use, replace the cap. Apply a little like a balm masssage lightly into the skin. Recommended to apply immediately after bath.