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Stonesoup Pratham - Stonesoup Shop
Stonesoup Pratham - Stonesoup Shop
Stonesoup Pratham
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Stonesoup Pratham

Stonesoup Pratham - Stonesoup specially designed Pratham for women who are looking for a menstrual cup with a STEM. 

Stonesoup Pratham is made medium softness ideal for most women. It is recommended for low to medium bleeders with moderate to high activity levels.
This is an easy-to-use menstrual cup, made of medical grade silicone that can be used for up to ten years.

Capacity: 15ml

Salient Features

1.Comfortable: You can swim, play water sports, run marathons, do yoga, basically anything during periods that you would do otherwise.
2. Eco-friendly: StoneSoup Pratham can be reused multiple times and there is no burden on the environment. You won't be contributing to the mountains of sanitary waste that end up in landfills and clog the drains.
3.Economical: One StoneSoup Pratham cup can be used up to 10 years. Instead of spending money on disposable sanitary pads/tampons month after month, the cup will save you from the regular expense.
4. Healthier: Stonesoup Pratham is made from health grade silicon and is perfectly safe for your delicate skin. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and skin irritations caused by pads and tampons

How to Use

Step 1: Fold
Fold Option 1 “U Fold“: Press the sides of the cup together and then fold it in half again forming a tight “U” shape.
Fold Option 2 “Push Down“: Place a finger on the top rim of the cup and press it down into the centre of the inside base to form a triangle. This makes the top rim much smaller to insert.

Step 2: Hold
Hold the folded sides firmly in place between your thumb and forefinger so that the curved edge is facing away from your palm.

Step 3: Insert
In a comfortable position (like squatting) and with your vaginal muscles relaxed, gently separate the labia with your free hand and then push the curved edge of the folded StoneSoup Wings horizontally into the vaginal opening so that the bottom of the cup is about a 1/2 inch into the vagina.


Step 4: Removal
To remove, insert your thumb and forefinger into your vagina until you can reach the base of the cup. Pinch the base of the cup to release the seal and continue to pull down to remove it. After the cup has been removed, empty the contents of the cup in the toilet, wash the cup well with warm water and a mild soap, and reinsert.

DO NOT pull the stem, you will end up hurting yourself! Pinch the base to release the suction and remove your cup.