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Siddipet Sustainable Menstruation- Rutu Prema


Siddpet is silently creating a revolution to become India's first 'sanitary waste free district'. Stonesoup Trust kickstarted the 'Rutu Prema' project by converting about 2000 women and girls in Ward 5 of Siddipet to use reusable period care products like menstrual cups and cloth pads. Now the program has got the blessings of Hon. Minister Harish Rao and Commissioner of Police, Swetha, who have now pledged to convert about 6 Lakh women in the district to using reusable period care options like menstrual cups and cloth pads. Now the program has spread to more than 5 wards and to even the Gram panchayats around. BBC and The Print have covered this silent revolution.

As a next step towards 'Zero disposable sanitary waste' in Siddipet, Stonesoup trust wants to disribute free reusable cloth pads to about 3000 Government school girls in Siddipet. The idea is to talk to the school girls about how 'Growing up is exciting' and also motivate them to switch to environment friendly period care options like reusable cloth pad kits. 

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