Cup and Cloth Basic Demo Kit

Cup and Cloth Basic Demo Kit

  • Rs. 900.00

In the month leading up to the World Menstrual Hygiene Day, from April 28th to May 28th, Green The Red is launching a month long awareness initiative for doctors - "The Greener Doctrine". This initiative is for the medical fraternity, to highlight the new age sustainable products available for handling menstruation in a healthier, more hygienic and eco-friendly manner. Sessions will be taken by the doctors for the doctors. This campaign is supported by FOGSI, public awareness committee.   Stonesoup supports this initiative by providing doctors and volunteers with low-cost demo kits. Sustainable Hygiene products from Stonesoup and its partners are available in this package. THESE PRODUCTS ARE FOR DEMO ONLY, NOT FOR RESALE/USE. Hence products are provided without packaging.

To know more or conduct sessions in your communities, do write to   


Stonesoup Wings Regular Cup (stemless) - 1 number   

Pratham Cup (with stem)  - 1 number 

Wings Box with contents - 1 number 

Stonesoup Fuschia Tin with contents

Safepad Reusable Regular Pad - 1 number 

Ecofemme Reusable Day Pad - 1 number 

Pak A Pad (pouch for reusbale pads) - 1 number 

Uterus Model - 1 number 

Cloth Bag for easy carrying - 1 number