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Why to fall in love with Stonesoup's Menstrual Cup?

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Sustainable menstruation

If you still haven’t gotten a menstrual cup for yourself then you haven’t experienced a true hassle free period yet! Thousands of women are ditching sanitary napkins and using cups.
A slow but sure revolution of sorts is taking place. Many women swear by it and they say that it’s the best thing that ever happened to them😇
The trash creating sanitary napkins that not only drains our cash regularly but also causes painful rash(es) have never improved our period woes for decades except that you can throw them anywhere you want leaving a trail of stinking mess wherever you go!
What more? You can swim, run, drive, trek and do whatever you want with a cup inside, not having to worry about a shifting napkin that chafes your skin while pursuing an active lifestyle.
Such a natural phenomenon that every woman in the world experiences for at least 30 years of her life should not be responsible for so much trash! A big Indian city creates as much as 100 tons of non biodegradable trash EVERYDAY!!
Cups and cloth pads are not only sustainable, they are also cash free, rash free and above all trash free😇
The feeling of not having to leave your sanitary napkin in someone else’s dustbin is indeed a big relief!

The biggest thing here is that a cup user has ensured that her periods don’t contribute a single piece of trash to the mountains that are getting created every second..

One good quality menstrual cup lasts for 8 to 10 years! Imagine not having to buy a sanitary napkin ever again..
Stonesoup’s uniquely designed U shaped cup that holds more period blood than than most cups available in the market is made with feedback of hundreds of cup users. Many women didn’t like the stem or knob that most cups have. The stem is essentially there only to locate the cup. Many women used the stem to yank the cup out which caused discomfort in the vagina. Once the cup creates a vacuum seal inside, the vacuum can be released only by pinching the base of the cup making the stem unnecessary. A Stonesoup cup not only ensures a happy period but also ensures you have the support of hundreds of cup users via a support group! All your questions will be answered, all your fears will be allayed. So dump the napkin permanently and get ‘cupverted’ forever and experience period joy😇

Author- Anupama Harish, Environmentalist and a concerned ecowarrior working toward solid waste management 




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  • Lovely article by anupama harish!! team a big hand for you all in bringing the change

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