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Why does Stonesoup cup costs 945 ? Why I should not opt for a cheaper cup?

Why does Stonesoup cup costs 945 ? Why I should not opt for a cheaper cup?

By Rini Varghese

A question that Stonesoup would like to answer  

Firstly- Stonesoup cup is made of platinum cured medical grade silicone. Its made in India and is of premium quality. Quality costs. Anything made of cheap quality is cheap. Period.

Secondly - It is a design innovation. Its designed by women who are cup-users, its not a copy of International Brands. Stonesoup is first in the world to manufacture stemless cup. Maximum capacity yet small and compact in size

Thirdly- Stonesoup design is unique.It spares the woman of the hassle of measuring her cervix and figuring out the lenght, breadth, height then if this was not enough again go through the confusion of choosing from the different size available. Stonesoup cups have a standard size which fits all. It varies only in the degree of hardness.

Fourthly - Stonesoup cups comes in an attractive stylish packaging. Its bright and attractive, ideal for gifting as well. Packaging costs

Fifthly - We handhold our cup - users. We hear you out and support with a network of experienced cup users and Gynecologists

Lastly - Its ideal for gifting, you don't have to make your loved one, friend ,wife, daughter measure her cervix before gifting her something that she will use it for a half of her menstruating years! Gifts are special, our cups are specially curated and packaged to show that we care and you too!



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  • Nikita Garg
    Nikita Garg

    I am a blogger at
    I want to collaborate with your organisation. Are you open for collaborations? I want to spread the message of the importance of using the cup and saving the environment by not using sanitary napkins.

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