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Tips for composting in Summer

Tips for composting in Summer
The heat of summer is in full force along with frequent thunder showers. This means a lot of humidity, heat and moisture. Many of us face challenges in our composting bins during this season.
Here are a few tips on how to keep your compost bin problem free.
  1. Make sure that your compost bins are protected from rain. Without cutting of the air supply cover the side of the bin that faces out so that rain drops and splashes of water don’t fall on them.
  2. If you’re using compost maker powder or Bioclean for composting, add some plain coco peat along with it to absorb the extra moisture.
  3. Sometimes you might see a thin coating of fungus due to the humidity in the bin, there’s no need to worry about this. Make sure that your bin is well aerated.
  4. In case you are using plastic bins for composting, do wipe the moisture which collects under the lid regularly. We. Do not need any extra moisture in our compost.
  5. If you have extra dry leaves which powder when crumbled, you may add these to your bin.
  6. Make sure you remove all extra liquids while adding leftovers.
  7. If you’re using a leaf composter, there’s nothing to worry, all the sun and rain it gets is only going to speed up the composting process.
Organic matter decomposes faster under hot conditions. If the bin has too much moisture, you may observe a nasty smell which is natural. The best way to keep your compost bin healthy is to keep it dry and let nature do its magic so you can reap a rich compost which we call Black Gold.
Article submitted by guest blogger Anupama Harish

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