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How much ChatGPT score in Stonesoup menstrual cup test?

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According to CNN “ChatGPT is smart enough to pass prestigious graduate-level exams – though not with particularly high marks.The powerful new AI chatbot tool recently passed law exams in four courses at the University of Minnesota and another exam at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, according to professors at the schools.”Since we at consider ourselves as experts on menstrual cups, we decided to give an exam to ChatGPT! 


Have corrected answer books - read on to see how it fared!!    

Post puberty, age never defined the size of our vaginal length. And birth no longer defines the muscle tone of women anymore - their fitness regime does.

Between a Bell (or V shape or cone) and a Cylindrical (or U shape), if you have done basic geometry, you would always choose cylinder over cone as in the same width and height a U shape gives you 3 times the capacity. 

Would give 1/2 mark for this. Silicone is the safest option but there could be 1 in million who could be allergic to silicone. Also the diamond polish could make it safer is additional information that you could mention!

This deserves negative marks esp as tampon users believe the purpose of stem is to remove like for tampons! Cup creates a suction with walls of vaginal canals and pulling without breaking suction can cause scratches or even prolapsed uterus! A reason why we at removed the stem completely but left grip lines so women can locate the base of the cup and as soon as they hold it, it pinches the cup releasing the suction!  

This is halfway right. You should choose a cup that matches the firmness of your muscles. A professional athlete should choose the Tough cup. A couch potato soft cup. Young girls though have firmer muscle tone, should choose a soft cup till they are comfortable using the cup and then switch to regular cup! 

Capacity- why will anyone choose a cup of lower capacity unless the size of a large cup intimidates you!  With our U shape, we have the size of a small cup, capacity of a large cup! 

The Brand - cups have a patented design and reliable customer service. Yes, choose a brand that understands women, their anatomy and also is ethical! If a cup has a copycat design and they are playing around with IP rules, don’t you wonder where else they are taking a shortcut! Most women need support to transition successfully - Stonesoup has 3 layers of support - Saathis, access to gynecologists and formal support groups for pre and post cup purchase. The extra you pay is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful cup-version! 

What had ChatGPT got to say about inserting the cup and removing the cup?


This is almost correct. Except 6. If you are a stonesoup cup user, you have only 1 size and we will make sure with our support you successfully transition to cup. 

ChatGPT may have cleared the law exam but didn't clear the Stonesoup cup exam. Inserting and removing sometimes requires support from experienced cupsters and our team is available for the times when you have difficulties.  Everytime you purchase  a Stonesoup menstrual cup it comes with a QR code that provides access to a support group consisting of experts and Stonesoup saathis who will help you transition into happy periods with ease.  

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