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Green the Red campaign and were featured on RJ Disha Oberoi's show on RED FM Bengaluru on July 12th morning show! In the beginning they spoke to girls from a Government college who were somewhat embarrassed to be cloth users. Nothing to be embarrassed girls, as long as you take care of proper hygiene, cloth IS good! So many girls had also noticed the trash that disposable sanitary pads was creating around us. Yes, we agree! Later the volunteers of Green The Red movement, Sindhu Naik, Seema Das, Priyanka Jain and Malini Parmar came on air to talk about RUMPS - Re-Usable Menstrual Products. THe radio station was over-whelmed with women calling in to share their experiences with the menstrual cup. Disha asked people to call her to let her know if others were inspired to try the cup. It was thrilling to hear women who called in to say "I want to change, Period". Way to go ladies! Let the change start with you ladies! Switch out disposables. Great first step to stop trashing mother earth and at no cost to your comfort, convenience or your purse.

To listen to the entire program, click on this link:

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