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Stonesoup Period panty
Comfortable period panty by
Stonesoup Period panty
Stonesoup Period panty
Stonesoup Period panty
Stonesoup Period panty
Rs. 495.00

Rs. 549.00

Stonesoup Period panty

  • Go rash free and trash free with Stonesoup Period panty - SOFT | STAIN FREE | RASH FREE
  • Your ideal alternative and backup to menstrual cup. Stonesoup Period panty is perfect for the teen who enjoys comfortable and happy periods.
  • Pair it up with cloth pads for those heavy flow days. 
  • Our 5 layered period panty ensures comfort and leak proof experience.
  • Microfiber free period panty that is safe on your skin and the planet. Stonesoup period panty is made with soft cotton that feels light on the skin.
  • Go green with these panties that last for 4-5 years and stay proud, you saved thousands of sanitary pads going to the landfill. 
  • Use it for urinary incontinence for dry experience. 

Size : Available in three sizes 

         Small - 80 to 85 cms

         Medium - 85 to 90 cms

         Large - 90 to 95 cms

Material : 98 % Cotton 2% spandex

How to use -

  1. Wash the period panty before use in normal water and dry it in the sun.
  2. Use it like any other panty ( 6-8 hrs )
  3. Soak the soiled panty in normal water to remove the period blood from the panty.
  4. Wash it with mild detergent and dry it in the sun.
  5. Don’t use a hard brush on the panty.