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Segregation at Source

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Two bins One bag - What is the story here?

 Two bins One bag sums up the aspirations, research, efforts and dreams of a whole lot of committed citizens working over years to find a solution to our overwhelming garbage problem. 

 Segregation at source is the only way to remedy this and here is where two bins and a bag comes into picture. The ease of the formula and the way it instantly cuts down on plastic bags and the need for landfills to accommodate them has made it a resounding success. The colour coded system makes it uniform and effortless to follow. Following the best practices listed, this can be rolled out anywhere in a very short time.

From a small citizen initiative, it has grown into a movement encompassing the whole city. Swachh Bharat can really be achieved only when each one of us takes charge of the waste we generate. Be a part of the dream to transform our country. 

Why 2 Bin 1 Bag?

  • Uniform colour code provides consistency for the entire city.

  • Easy to educate housekeeping staff, maids, kids and residents.

  • Collection of segregated waste becomes more efficient

  • Creates sense of universal segregation culture.

  • Eliminates the need of plastic garbage bags.

  • Karnataka High Court, on Dec 17, 2015, mandated the "two bins and one bag system" be adopted by all waste generators in Bengaluru. 


We at Stonesoup provide 3 variants of this kit
Classic 2bin1bag kit - It has one 7-9 litres green color bin with lid, one  7-9 litres red color bin with lid, a Bag for storing dry waste and a pamphlet that describes what goes where. 
Segregation on the go - This is a bag with 3 color coded pockets aligned with 2bin1bag. It can be used in the car or worn around waist while plogging where top two pockets can be used to keep mobile and wallet and bottom pocket is used to collect the dry waste picked up while plogging. 
2bin1bag for an eco apartment - A Te' composter is added to the classic 2bin1bag kit and Green bins is used for Storing Stonesoup compost maker mix. Wet waste is then collected once a week saving community effort of collecting daily and residents effort of washing green bin daily. Half composted wet waste is put in an Aaditi community composter.