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Love your Periods, Love Earth!

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A woman's periods - a purely biological function - the very core of life itself, has unfortunately been degraded to something that a woman should feel ashamed about and hide from society as something impure and dirty.

This is an important social and civic issue to discuss because although we refuse to talk openly about a purely biological function, our period care disposables are just strewn everywhere on streets, drains and landfills, causing serious health and environmental havoc! We feel that both situations are wrong - why unwanted taboo attached to periods and why rely on no biodegradable disposables to manage our periods?

Thus was conceptualised the Period Love #BleedGreen campaign. 

Period Love #BleedGreen is a social responsibility campaign supported by StoneSoup Wings -'s flagship reusable menstrual cup brand.

Through this session, we seek to explore the ground realities of effects of Menstrual Myths and taboos and how it is impacting the state of hygiene among girls and women, some real facts about the impacts of schemes which distributes free sanitary napkins among rural communities.


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This campaign is a one to one interactive session, which is owned and driven by passionate volunteers. We invite passionate eco-warriors to join our movement. Use your networks to create awareness about the issues surrounding the lack of awareness around our periods and the issues created by Disposable Sanitary Napkins. Educate women and adolescent girls about their choice of reusable options for safe period care and need for proper hygiene during and after their periods.                  

How can you engage?

  • Be a volunteer - conduct sessions, create increasing awareness

  • Be a partner - while every corner store stocks disposable sanitary products, interested patrons have to hunt for stores or rely on online websites to purchase earth-friendly & health-friendly reusable sanitary products. Partner with us to sell reusable products and make them easily available!

  • Arrange a session: Be it corporate, residential or schools, our volunteers are happy to bring more information to you and help in educating, empowering and facilitating change! Mail us with details of your location and contact details. You can download the presentation from here          

  • Arrange a donation: Some people may require a helping hand to move from dirty rags to hygienic reusable products. Help them by arranging a donation drive in your area. We will support your drive with discounted prices. 


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