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Period Love #BleedGreen

From what we get, we can make a living;
what we give, however, makes a life.
- Winston Churchill

Period Love #BleedGreen is a campaign that encourages conversation on Menstruation, menstrual products, their impact on health and the environment. It aims to create awareness on sustainable period care products, break myths/taboos and transform the period experience for every woman.This campaign aims to address the issues surrounding the lack of awareness around our periods and the issues created by Disposable Sanitary Napkins. Educate women and adolescent girls about their choice of reusable options for safe period care and need for proper hygiene during and after their periods.


- A one to one interactive session

- Awareness posters in women's bathroom

- Donating/subsidizing sustainable period care products to the eceonomically challenged.

Disposable sanitary pads and tampons are a popular choice for period care across the world. Most of these products contain a lot of harmful chemicals that are known to cause rashes, itchiness in the short term and critical diseases/disorders in the long term. They are a menace for the waste management system - they clog drains when flushed, release carcinogens when burnt and last forever in landfills. Though many of us are aware of these issues, we turn a blind eye as we think we do not have an option. We would like to tell the women that there are safer, more eco-friendly and more economical options that are extremely comfortable and convenient : Cloth pads and Menstrual Cups. Each cup can be re-used for upto 10 years, gives zero rashes, costs as much as 2 packets of sanitary pads, and most of all is extremely comfortable.

When we donate a pack of sanitary pads, we help a woman take care of her period needs for 1 or 2 months.
When we donate a set of cloth pads, we help a woman take care of her period needs for 50 months.

When we donate a cup, we help a woman take care of her period needs for 120 months. We are accepting donations for cloth pads to be donated to girls at government school and women working in the waste management field.

Padmashree Balaram and her team of Innerwheel Koramangla donated cups to Asha workers. Ladies Circle of Shanthinagar donated cups to BBMP link workers. Shreya Maggon donated cloth pads and cups to government school children at Rohtak. Several communities donated cups to their housekeeping staff.


Join the Campaign!

If you would like to arrange a session in your organization/community,
If you would like to organize a donation of sustainable products for the house-keeping/ employees/ economically challenged community,
If you would like to put up awareness posters in the bathrooms of your organization/community/ shop/ mall/ school/ college/ restaurant etc,
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