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Stonesoup Consulting

Is your organization/community WASTE-WISE?

  • Looking for effective waste management solutions at your organization?
  • Confused as to how your restaurant can comply with the plastic ban in the state?
  • Need help to decide the best composting solution for your organization/community?
  • Know more about "greening" your organization/community into an eco-friendly one.

Only from StoneSoup Consulting

StoneSoup consulting has been working with companies, hotels, choultrys, apartments and other bulk generators helping them to be compliant with Karnataka Government Act. Our Waste Management experts visit your place, understand your problem and provide customised solutions according to your requirement.

Our expertise include:

Compliance to government laws applicable to Bulk Generators:

  1.   Waste audit and designing source segregation map.
  2.   Preparing training manuals, waste collection, storage and disposal system.
  3.   Vendor management: dealing with the right bulk vendor for different types of waste.
  4.   Housekeeping training in new system.
  5.   Training for staff and co-workers on new system.
  6.   Material cost viz. color coded bins, posters etc on actuals.

Waste reduction:

  1.   Safe and smell-free composting of wet waste - reduces waste being sent out of the facility by almost 60%!
  2.   Reduce reject waste - Study and recommend steps to reduce reject waste - the most expensive form of waste generated in any office.
  3.   Sharing best practices from other office spaces and creating a tailormade solution.

Green Workshops

This will be curated by us and we will find people to conduct
these. Some of the Ideas for workshop are as follows

  • Composting workshops
  • Organic terrace garden workshops
  • Sustainable menstruation workshops (for women)
  • Ganesha clay modelling
  • Replacing chemicals in our lives: DIY cleaning agents, etc...
  • Vegetable Dye , block printing
  • DIY Reuse ideas around your home