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Community Composting

Community Composting is one of the most sustainable ways of managing organic waste by a group or community of people. In india 60-75% of our waste is organic waste. Why throw it away mixed and get toxic vegetables grown in this mix in outskirts of our cities. We recommend that communities compost their wet waste inside their communities or in their lanes and harvested black gold is used to create organic terrace gardens, balcony green or community kitchen gardens. 

Why Compost?

Tons of organic waste generated can be converted into a valuable manure which you can utilize to grow your own organic food in your own organic garden or farm.

Your dustbin will smell much sweeter as the organic waste is segregated and is utilized for compost making; sorting the recyclable waste becomes a lot easier.

Composting helps to reduce the amount of waste being sent to the landfills thus reducing the pollution from sites.

When heaps of compost is created it encourages and improves sustainability of wildlife such as grass, worms, snakes, hedgehogs and many other wildlife creatures. These creatures help enhance the natural recycling process of the soil.

Now, lets talk about the community composting options:

Aaditi - Community or Lane Composter

A hymn in the Rig Veda mentions that Aaditi is the progenitor of the human race. The hymn talks about life coming out of Bhu(earth), and then going back to it, signalling the cycle of life and death and the fact that matter is recycled again and again. Our community composting solution is an ode to Aaditi.

Community Composting Aaditi -

Aaditi has capacity to hold 1100 litres of waste and can typically contain waste from 50 households for 5 days.  Two or more are need as after filling, the waste takes typically 30 days to compost. 

Bin can be partitioned to handle half the waste or make 2 sections.

Aaditi - Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed for easy handling of waste ensuring that waste need not be lifted above waist level.
  • Shredded waste composts faster but in the event of non availability of a shredder, works perfectly fine if waste is not shredded. 
  • Designed for hassle free harvesting of compost. Just drop a side and shovel compost directly into sacks or drums. No need to lift.
  • No need for cemented floor or covered roof. Can handle heavy rains. Place it in the ornamental or in your herb garden, next to security desk, near the dog house or near each block. 
  • This versatile bin can be used for Vermicomposting too.



 Option 1

Stonesoup Compost maker blocks 5kg X 6 sack. Has to be protected from rain/ water before usage. 1 block for 5kg can handle 50 kgs of wet waste. Cost of sack = Rs 2100/-

How to use

  1. Start with a base of powdered SCMB.
  2. Layer kitchen waste and powdered SCMB daily. 
  3. When full, leave it for 30 days.
  4. No smell and no need to turn.
 Option 2

Stonesoup Microbial compost culture. 1 litre can handle 1000 kgs. To be handled with care to avoid spoiling of culture. Cost of 1 litre is Rs 4000/-

How to use

1.Start with a base of dry leaves. Put a layer of wet waste, spray diluted SMCC and cover it with dry leaves
2.When full, leave it for 45-60 days.
3.No smell, has to be turned every week.


    Always start with option 1. Easy and requires lesser commitment from housekeeping. After 6-9 months, slowly transition to Option 2.

    Dhruv - Temple Leaf and Flower Composting 


    Community Garden Leaf Composter

    community composting - stonesoup.incommunity composting -

    • Size: Approx. 5 ft diameter x 5 ft height (based on space or rectangular with max breath of 2.5ft and height of 5ft or 3ft dia)
    • GI mesh 1 sq. Inch, Epoxy coated
    • Cement Hollow block as base for rodent proofing. or should be kept on cemented floor. or raised bottom with 4-6 inch legs.
    • Processing time – 1st Batch Manure / compost to be ready in 6 – 8 months
    • Power Consumption: Nil
    • Protect from Sun & Rain not required
    • Recommended for Garden leaves and pooja flowers only

    Lid recommended when installed in a street