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Rs. 750.00

BioEnzyme Natural Cleaner (5L)

Bio-enzyme is nothing but a natural concoction of citrus peels, jaggery, water and yeast. A mixture of these natural ingredients fermented for a stipulated time yields an effective home cleaning solution which is not only eco friendly but pocket friendly too. This amazing solution has proven to rejuvenate water bodies by neutralizing toxins present in the water. Moreover it's a multipurpose cleaner which can be used to clean your floor, dishes, laundry and can be used to clean your pets too! All you have to do is follow the prescribed proportions to be used. The most gratifying aspect of using bio-enzyme is that the post usage discharge is completely natural and even beneficial to the soil and water. The same water can be used to water your plants and even if it is discharged into the drain you can do it guilt free as it is completely natural. Just imagine if most of us switch to Bio-enzymes we might soon see a clean Bellandur lake. It is a possibility and it's in our hands..

NOTE: BioEnzyme Natural Cleaners are available with our Partners (Saathis).

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