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Stonesoup Khaas Charcoal soap
Stonesoup Khaas Charcoal soap
Rs. 300.00

Stonesoup Khaas Charcoal soap

Detox with this activated charcoal enriched handmade soap. Get rid of impurities, dirt and oil and give new life to your skin. 
What is activated charcoal?
Charcoal is "activated" by introduction of oxygen at high temperatures to make it porous and absorbent. This helps it absorb toxins, oil, dirt, product buildup, pollutants, or bacteria from our skin. Prolonged use helps in reducing pore size and visibility therefore giving a healthy glow to the skin. 
Works great for acne prone skin.
Ingredients: Saponified vegetable oils (coconut, palm, canola, rice bran), glycerine, water, activated charcoal
Usage:  Dampen the Skin and soap before application and work up the later for a luxurious bath. Wash off the soap with clean water.