Home Composting Twin Kit - Manjhli

Rs. 1,800.00 Rs. 1,900.00

  • It is a set of Aerobic Composting Kit that converts your kitchen waste to manure. Each Badki bin takes around 30 days' kitchen waste of a family of 5-8.
  • Contents:30 L Composting Bins - 2Nos, 8L bin to store moistened brick - 1No, Bottom plates - 2 Nos, Medium Compost Maker Bricks - 4 Nos, Palak seeds, Neem powder
  • 1) Soak 1 SS Compost Maker block in 1L water for 30 min  2) Break the softened block and pour the cocopeat powder in the Badki container to form a bed. 5) scatter the day's kitchen waste (like fruit/veg peels) on the bed, then add a layer of CM powder 6) Continue everyday until bin is full. When set aside for a month or so, the mixture turns into compost
  • When one Badki bin fills up, start using the second Badki bin. By the time the second one fills up, the first one would have turned to compost.
  • Use the compost to grow vegetables. The kit comes with Palak seeds that is the easiest to grow.