Cloth Pad: Soch Pad

  • Rs. 200.00

Ideal for - periods, postpartum bleeding, mild urinary incontinence.

Cloth pads are a reusable alternative to disposable sanitary napkins. They work exactly like a sanitary napkin, except they can be washed and reused for several years. They do not create any disposable waste after each use.
SOCH cloth pads are made of high quality microfibers, combed cotton and a leak-proof layer. The wings at the side have snap buttons to keep the cloth pad in place.

Soch pads have 2 snap buttons on their wings that allow you to adjust the width according to your underwear and body type.

XS: Pantyliner 

S: Equivalent to medium sanitary pad

M: Equivalent to large sanitary pad

How to wash your cloth pads?

Hand Wash:
1. RINSE / SCRUB: Run them under cold water to remove blood, then soak in a mug of cold water for 20 minutes to 8 hours.
2. SCRUB: by hand with mild soap and water. Do not use brush.
3. DRY: the washed pad in sunlight/low tumble dry. Hang straight.

Machine wash:

1. Remove all blood by squeezing in cold water by hand
2. Place the pads in a cotton bag
3. Wash in a short cycle
4. Tumble dry or hang in sunlight

• Always use a clean and dry pad.
• Change once every 4-6 hours even on light flow days.
• Use mild soap to clean the pad; rinse thoroughly to make sure no soap remains on the pad.
• Dry it in direct sunlight when possible, or dry in your machine on low heat.
• Store in a clean and dry place.
• Wash the cloth pad before first use.
• While drying, do not fold the pad or keep on flat surface.
• Do not soak/wash the pad in hot water as it will set stains.
• Never use a wet/damp pad.
• Do not store a wet/damp pad in your cupboard.
• Do not brush the cloth pad.
• Do not machine wash regularly.
• Do not iron the cloth pad.


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