Bumberry Baby Diaper: Pocket style [0.5 - 3Yrs]

  • Rs. 820.00

  • Preferred by mothers as an Excellent Solution for NIGHT TIME when the diaper's function is mostly urine absorption
  • Pocket type is an excellent design for a moving baby as it keeps the absorbing pads held intact without much position change as a baby starts standing and walking by the age of 10-12 months
  • Though it can be used for longer hours, we recommend to change the diaper every six hours and keep the baby diaper free for some hours even for any diapers
  • Small - Medium - Large Sizes can be adjusted in the same diaper (One Size Concept)


One Size Reusable Diaper (Adjusts SMALL-MEDIUM-LARGE in the same diaper) with One Microfiber insert.

Instructions to use:

  • Before First Use: Wash in luke warm water, Dry under the sunlight, Please do not pour washing powder onto the diaper insert.
  • Use the buttons to make the diaper a snug fit for your baby
  • The pocket style stitch design helps to keep the baby to stay wet-free and allow the urine to fully get absorbed into the highly absorbing microfiber insert kept inside the pocket
  • Buy additional inserts for convenience. Choose between :
    • Bamboo insert: Natural Bamboo Insert is preferred for high skin sensitivity
    • Microfiber insert: Microfiber Insert has a wet-free suede microfleece fabric on the skin facing side of the insert that keeps the baby bottom dry.