Holi Natural Colour-Gift Basket (4x50gms)

Rs. 899.00

Chamkila Peela: A Mix of raw turmeric, marigold, neem leaves & natural fragrance of lemon peel

Natkhat Narangi: A Mix of raw turmeric, beetroot, marigold, neem leaves and natural fragrance of orange peel

Manmohak Gulabi: A Mix of beetroot, rose petals, neem leaves and natural fragrance of rose

Komal Hara: A Mix of seasonal leafy green vegetables, neem leaves and natural fragrance of green cardamom

These natural & eco-friendly colours are made with flowers and vegetables and do not contain any chemicals. Packing with resuable Glass Jars & Basket. perfect gift for friends & loved ones.

• Bring life to any party with our color range. Use it to decorate rangoli, games, events etc.

• It is Completely Safe & Eco friendly Natural product.

• Easy Safe to Apply & Remove: Holi re Holi!!! Safe to apply and quick to wash is all we desire when it comes to Holi colors. Our Natural Holi colour is quick and easy to get washed natural & shine on your face.

Gulmeher (literally, "blessings of the flowers") is a collective of erstwhile wastepickers and other disadvantaged women in Ghazipur, New Delhi. The Evolution of the Gulmeher artists has seen them progress rapidly from making simple greeting cards with recycled paper and flower petals to intricate portraits, eco-friendly stationary, handcrafted boxes and bag, earthern diyas and natural colors. Gulmeher Currently supported by Shakti Foundation & the endeavour is to become self-sustainable and replicate such programs elsewher in the country to provide respectable and diginified livelihood opportunities.