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Every time we read about floods in urban cities, unscientific landfills shut down by angry villagers in remote areas far from cities, outbreak of epidemics, contaminated water bodies and so on, what we fail to realize is that we ourselves are the root cause of the problem.

Every house that throws away waste mixed, tied up in plastic bags is a contributor to this growing man-made crisis.

StoneSoup works towards educating, informing and helping individuals, homes and communities change their behavior and contribute to a cleaner, greener nation. We are committed to build a Swacch Bharat, one home at a time.


Sustainability Consulting

  • CSR Consulting for corporates
  • "Greening" events
  • Consulting for responsible Waste Management


  • Home and Community Composting Solutions to convert kitchen waste to manure
  • Refill Compost Maker Bricks




Sustainable Hygiene

  • Menstrual Cup to replace the disposable sanitary pad
  • Cloth Diapers and Cloth Sanitary Pads

ECO-ol School

  • Raising eco-aware citizens of tomorrow
  • fun events to generate ideas on sustainable living



Malini Parmar Vasuki Seema Das Padma Arun
Malini Parmar Smita Kulkarni Vasuki Iyengar Seema Das Padma Arun




Product Partners


Cloth diapering is now becoming a way of life for new mothers and it can be your way too. Cloth diapers are just as easy to use as disposables with the added benefits of savings, eco-friendliness and of course, being the most natural material to caress the delicate skin of your child.

Bumberry cloth diapers are eco-friendly, great looking and re-usable. They are available for children as well as adults.


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