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In lockdown times, weavers are struggling with lakhs of unsold stock. This is a joint initiative of Shrenis and Stonesoup to help them.

Sarees and fashion is not our forte, and this is a temporary initiative to help the weavers in times of need. We started off by buying 300 sarees to make masks, but our friends and family directly bought them from us as they were reasonably priced and beautiful. So we decided to put them across to a wider audience. Our ideal is when few more people like us come forward, buy a bundle of sarees that they can ask their friends and family to buy.

No returns unless you have received a damaged piece. The pictures are as shared by the weaver and colours may vary. But most of these sarees are available at one-third of the showroom prices. Please support the weavers by buying a few off.

If you would like to contribute to the weavers' welfare visit:


To know more about the sarees, connect to weavers directly for continuous orders, contact Anupama from the Shrenis team - +91 99726 67211

To enquire about the below listings/order enquiry contact Bhavna from Stonesoup team - +91 99803 33004


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