Soch Period Panty

  • Rs. 950.00

SOCH Period Panties are reusable and leak-proof period underwear. These are adjustable to suit your flow. They are made of a leak-proof crotch panel that can accommodate removable inserts to keep you dry and comfortable all day long. They can be used just as they are, or with inserts that come along with the panty. These panties are designed with removable inserts that can be changed every 4 to 6 hours, or as per one’s needs. By doing this, a single Period Panty can be used for an entire day.


Material- Period Panty: The panty is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The insert pad is made of 100% combed cotton, an inner absorbent microfiber layer and a leak-proof layer at the bottom.

Inserts: Top and bottom layer is made of 100% combed cotton and there are 2 inner absorbent microfiber layers.

Wash & Care Instructions:

Hand Wash

  1. RINSE / SCRUB: Run them under cold (or room temperature) water to remove blood, then soak in a mug of cold (or room temperature) water for 20 minutes to 8 hours.
  2. SCRUB:by hand with mild soap and water. Do not use brush.
  3. DRY:the washed panty and/or inserts in sunlight/low tumble dry. Hang straight. 

Machine wash

  1. Remove all blood by squeezing in cold (or room temperature) water by hand
  2. Place the panty and inserts in a cotton bag
  3. Wash in a short cycle
  4. Tumble dry or hang in sunlight


  • Always use clean and dry panty and inserts
  • Change the inserts once every 4-6 hours even on light flow days.
  • Use mild soap to clean the panty and inserts; rinse thoroughly to make sure no soap remains on them
  • Dry in direct sunlight when possible, or in well ventilated area, or low tumble dry
  • Store in a clean and dry place.
  • Iron on low


  • While drying, do not keep on flat surface.
  • Do not soak/wash them in hot water as it will set stains.
  • Never use a wet/damp panty or inserts
  • Do not store a wet/damp panty or inserts in your cupboard.
  • Do not brush them
  • Do not bleach

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