Goli Soda - Natural Coconut Coir Dishwashing Scrub Pads (Set of 6)

Rs. 250.00

A pack of 6 Scrub pads made from 100% coconut fibers bound together with a non-toxic adhesive.
Breathable design means no Odors, 100 % Bio-degradable and an Eco-friendly product.
METAL AND SOAP FREE! Made without metals, this product will not rust. They have no soap added and do not require chemicals for use. Perfect for when you want to control which detergents and soaps to use, and how much.
Great for daily kitchen use and all-around household cleaning. SCRUB FLOORS AND WALLS! These scouring pads can be used to clean and remove scuff marks from stairs, floors, and walls. (A small area should be tested prior to use to ensure no scratching occurs.)
RESTAURANTS, HOME KITCHENS, AND MORE! This product is ideal for use in any kitchen. Perfect for buying in bulk to use at home, or purchasing for use at restaurants, and other commercial kitchen settings.