Compost Maker Brick (S)

Compost Maker Brick (S)

  • Rs. 80.00

500gm Coir Pith Block infused with microbes that helps convert your kitchen waste to manure. A 500 gms brick can be used for a month in a Chutki kit. 

  • Easy to do composting
  • Works well with DIY composting kits and with products like Kamba.
  • No flies, no smell.
  • Enhances your compost with cocopeat which naturally retains water and helps keep plants hydrated.


How to use

1) Place the block in a bucket or drum.

2) Soak in recommended  amount of water for 30 minutes.
3) Break the softened brick and collect the cocopeat powder in an airtight container.
4) Layer an aerated container (bucket with holes, cane basket, kamba etc) with a couple of inches of cocopeat powder.
5) scatter the day's kitchen waste (like fruit/veg peels), add another layer of cocopeat
6) Continue everyday until bin is full.
When set aside for a month or so, the mixture turns into compost