How to celebrate Eco-friendly Raksha Bandhan? Green way to Brother-Sister bonding!

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- blog authored by Prabha Mudda

This Raksha Bandhan take a Vow to go green and say "Bhai-Behen ka Pyar Eco-friendly Rakhi ke Saath" means, brother-sister love bound with Eco-friendly Rakhi. Celebrate Green Raksha Bandhan with zero plastic Rakhis and Gift Hampers!! 

Raksha Bandhan is on the calendar and it is time to celebrate the unmatched love of brother-sister bond filled with affection, care and respect. This day marks the strong tie between siblings, to come together and cherish the memories of growing up. No matter what differences they have or varied paths they have chosen, Raksha Bandhan is right occasion to keep that relationship alive and nurture. 

This selfless love shared between siblings can go beyond the blood relationship. That male friend confidant whom you always considered your closest brother, not by blood but by bond. That senior female friend who was always your elder sister in school, to guide and protect you when you were ragged by fellow mates. Pure love of brother-sister (bahan bhai) , warm bond with brother's wife (Bhaiya-Bhabhi pyaar) tied up with those beautiful tassels and ties called Rakhi around the wrist. Lumba Rakhis are very popular these day that is meant for dear bhabhi, sister-in-law, who is like mom figure in the family. 


Eco-friendly banana fiber rakhi by
This festival popularly celebrated in India has its roots in Hinduism. It falls on the full moon day, Purnima, of the Shravana Masa, month in Hindu calendar. Day starts with siblings taking bath, adorning new clothes and offering puja (worship). Later sisters will tie the Rakhi to brothers, offer sweets and do Arthi (Lights with wicks soaked in ghee are lit in a plate and gently circled for good wishes) Brothers gift their sisters with presents which would be followed by festive spread of  food to enjoy.
However if brothers and sisters are not nearby, they exchange rakhis and gifts through courier / postal services much ahead of the festival. On the day rakhis are worn by brothers, while sisters rejoice the gifts. Sisters giving gifts to brothers has also caught up in these times.


What is Eco-friendly Raksha Bandhan?

Celebrating the festival with natural, earth friendly rakhis and gifts that are organic and sustainable with zero load of plastic waste is eco-friendly Raksha Bandhan. Consciously making or choosing such Rakhis and gifts so they are bio-degradable, zero waste to landfill is what it marks as Green. If more and more choose to make it zero plastic and zero waste more companies will start producing the same. As all these Rakhis and gifts are hand made they will bring back the creative arts and crafts of the yore. 

What are eco-friendly Rakhis?

Eco-friendly Rakhis are completely organic and sustainable in nature. They are good for body and for mother earth.

Earlier in olden days, at home the hand woven thread or any natural fiber was used as sacred Rakhi with a fresh marigold, champa or rose tied in the center. Sisters even made them with fresh beads, pearls, Rudraksha beads etc. 

However as world turned more materialistic and commercialized, like all other personal and home care products Rakhis too have turned artificial with synthetic, factory made plastic fibers and decorations. So are the gifts too!

When bonding is so natural, why show it with plastic. What best way to make that everlasting relationship natural and ongoing. The tassel, Rakhi, tied by dear sister on the wrist of brother, so down to earth and natural. Seeds bound in threaded tassels, bamboo, banana fibre. One can go back to same olden days tradition and make it most down to earth. Else choose from eco-friendly options available in the market.

Rakhis available with Stonesoup Shop are made up of naturally dyed organic cotton thread. Handmade they have centerpiece crafted with tassels, Seeds attached on it or Bamboo or Banana fiber/fibre woven into craft pieces. 

Seed Rakhis by Stonesoup: Pumpkin, chilly, brinjal, Agati pea, Amaranthus seeds attached tassels. Seeds symbolize new-life and  prosperity and what best way to carry it. When worn out, tossed back to earth see them regrow into green pumpkin ivy or bright chilly plant.

Eco-friendly Seed rakhi by

Bamboo Rakhis: Made of bamboo and bamboo shavings. Bamboo was chosen over any other material because it is eco friendly and suits our brand motto of being sustainable, biodegradable and no to landfills. The artisans takes hours to cut, curve and assemble the design especially for our esteemed customer. Bamboo represents strength, flexibility, and growth. When tossed back to earth or in your composting bin, it will compost and enrich the pile.

Eco-friendly bamboo rakhi by

Banana fiber/fibre Rakhi:
Banana fiber is a good alternative to all the synthetic and natural fibres. Banana fiber is eco-friendly, chemical-free, non-toxic and odor-free. The natural coolant and medicinal property of banana fibres helps in the health of its user and it is versatile as it is waterproof and stronger. When tossed back to earth or in your composting bin, it will compost and enrich the pile. 

What are eco-friendly gift hampers or green gift hampers?

Again in  earlier times, gifts where handwoven or handmade. Handloomed sarees, dresses, handwoven sweaters, home made sweets, jewelry etc. With modern times and a busy lifestyle majority choose to buy gifts and fancy items loaded in the retail market and online sites. If one can buy stuff from eco-friendly, organic, handmade artisan stores, craft fair or similar websites it will be most wise decision by contributing to save nature.

Choose green, organic, sustainable gift hampers to accompany the cute eco-friendly Rakhi you chose or as a return gift to sister. Shop offers all sustainable and reusable products as it is their core motto. Organic body/skin care range "Khaas" by Stonesoup is really 'Special', as the name signifies and is perfect to bestow that special love. The feel is so refreshing like the scent of a fresh cut Lavender sprig. Soothing, lingering and peaceful!  That very light kokam and sweet almond oil that glides on your skin and pampers you. Did men ever thought, the shaving bar soaped on jaw, will care and sooth the skin with virgin oils.

Wow!! What feeling!

Many brands state organic and natural soaps, body washes and creams but the claim falls flat if they pack them in those use and trash plastic wrappers and containers. Hence, all organic and natural are not eco-friendly. Khaas body/skin care range of Stonesoup Shop is wrapped in eco-friendly paper packaging or cute bottles that can be reused.


Organic, Green gift hamper by Bath Soap, Shampoo bar, Body butter and lip balm
Chuck those plastic made glittery wrapped rakhis and gifts and switch to environment friendly green gifts. Give gift with a purpose!! Handcrafted and hand pressed these gifts ooze the personalized charm with every wrap and wash, creating livelihood and light to those Ngo families.

Choose from a wide variety of chemical-free skin and body care products (Khaas Collection), sustainable period care products, bags and home composting kits.

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Stonesoup Khaas Raksha Bandhan Gift hampers for Brothers and sisters

Buy Eco Friendly, Organic, Green Gifting Hampers for Raksha Bandhan – Stonesoup Shop


What can I gift to my married sister or brother for Raksha Bandha?

Want to make it more and sustainable. Add on a composting kit that turns your sister's or brother's family kitchen waste into black gold. They will thank you for ever for guiding them in that path. Compost and Grow Kit – Stonesoup Shop check for more options on online shop

Pack that lovely menstrual cup and cloth pad kit to your little sister and guide her to step on a chemical free period journey.

Or check for more options on online Stonesoup Shop. Make your own bundle of goodies and we will pack for you and send it to the address marked all over India.

So this Raksha Bandhan take a Vow to  go green and keep chanting "Bhai-Behen ka Pyar Eco-friendly Rakhi and Gifts ke Saath"!

Stonesoup wishes Happy Raksha Bandhan!!

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