Do's and Dont's of Yoga during Periods

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Everyone has this question whether to do yoga or not during periods? Here are some inputs from Dr. Gayatri Melnad, BNYS graduate from SVYASA University, Bengaluru sharing her knowledge about the same.

During #menstruation it is preferable to either rest or atleast restrict heavy duty activities as our energies are directed towards cleansing process.
But anything that would help to improve natural cleansing and natural pain management then it would be #Yoga and #pranayama.

To be more specific about what kind yoga or asanas to practice as yoga is evolving with the changing era, now we have multiple styles of yoga which got diluted from the origin with different styles and schools all over the world.
A few to name in the list which helps during menstruation are
1. Yin / Restorative yoga
2. Chandra namaskara
3. Cooling pranayamas - Sheetali, sheetakari, sadanta, Nadishodhana, Brahmari, ujjayi can be practiced.
4. Asanas that have no adverse effect or rather that would help managing pain during menses are
- Baddhakonasana (Butterfly pose)
- Paschimottanasana
- Upavishthakonasana
- Ardhakati chakrasana
- Ardha chakrasana
- Padahastasana
- ustrasana
- Shashankasana
- Veerasana
- Gomukhasana
- suptavajrasana

Avoiding inversions or leg raising yoga poses has to be emphasised on not because it causes reverse flow of blood into the uterus that’s generally not the case but we hinder the natural downward flow controlled by ApaanaVayu which is governing lower body and organ’s functions that gets hindered.
So let the body do it’s job and if possible not doing anything is a good option but not harming is the best option, better option is to help the body to improve its natural process and to celebrate periods with joy and comfort.

Follow the link to find more info about asanas which practiced on a regular basis will help in managing period pain and also mild urinary incontinence.

Autor- Dr. Gayatri Melnad, BNYS graduate from SVYASA University

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